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"Denier, liar, pants on fire" - Anthony Watts goes to AGU again

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Anthony Watts has put out his hand again for his readers to pay their WUWT dues.  He wants them to fork up for his air fare accommodation and parking and meals and whatever else when he goes to the AGU Fall meeting (AGU14). Someone emailed me that it's known as Internet panhandling. More comfortable than standing on a street corner and much more lucrative.

This time, wisely, Anthony made no promises other than to say that he wanted to keep "tabs on the antics of people like Michael Mann, Peter Gleick, and some of the other players". So I guess he'll be skulking around the corridors of the Moscone Center with his video camera at the ready, and complaining again about being ignored or not recognised or hearing non-existent grunts.

Anthony couldn't even be bothered writing a fresh article this year. He just updated the same article he wrote in 2013 - compare to this year's plea. This year he didn't add in the cost of attendance, which I understand is free to people who manage to swing a press pass, like Anthony did last year.

I wonder if anyone he speaks to (if anyone) will be aware of the recent WUWT allegations that climate science is the biggest hoax ever perpetrated and an example of the Big Lie in action? If so, if they see him will they:
  • look right through him, 
  • laugh at him,
  • stand in a circle around him pointing their finger shouting "denier, liar, pants on fire" - or worse, 
  • ignore him, maybe glancing at him blankly and muttering to each other when passing "who the heck was that weirdo"?

Anthony did link to his woeful coverage of the last meet, and referred to his incisive Twitter commentary - but probably knew that no-one would check and few would care that the only original bit of reporting was a video of Zeke Hausfather, which few people looked at. Other than that all he provided was a couple of articles with videos that you could view on the internet without Anthony's assistance. An article showing how little he knows about scientific research. And a picture of his video camera and another one of a woman with a laptop. And another article with photos of slides, with virtually no commentary, which he isn't supposed to do this year (not sure about other years). I guess he couldn't comment because it went right over his head. This year if he's going to report anything, he'll probably be stuck with posters and snapshots of noticeboards or people walking around.

Oh, and remember last year, Anthony was brave enough to ask a question of James Hansen at one of the presentations. He didn't bother telling his readers the answer. Still at least he got in a question, unlike when he took his WUWT-paid-for holiday in the UK. He's not being so foolish as to make any promises to ask any questions this time around.

Anyway, it looks as if Anthony managed to get more than twice the amount he pleaded for (archived here). So now he can pay a few bills or splurge on the dinner he promised people last year, but didn't report on. Or maybe take another European holiday.

Deniers at WUWT are not the least bit discerning when it comes to handing over their hard-earned cash. On the other hand, going by the comments, many of them aren't expecting anything. They view it as payment for services rendered by giving them a notice board on which to post their protests at climate change.

For people who cannot get to AGU14

If I recall correctly, last year AGU said that it wouldn't provide the Virtual Options for free in the future (it was free last year), though I might have misunderstood them. On last year's FAQ is written:
Please note: The on-demand videos will be available exclusively to AGU members starting in early January 2014. For more information about AGU membership or to join for 2014, visit membership.agu.org.

The website this year doesn't give any indication one way or another, so I don't know if the virtual options will be available to everyone who registers or not. I'll see what I can find out and let you know.

From the WUWT comments

Most of the 140 comments were just people saying how they'd sent him $50 or so. davidmhoffer is about the only person who asked for anything in return. Ever hopeful.
December 5, 2014 at 6:43 pm
Funds Flunged.
But dude, ask some tougher questions this year ;-)


  1. Did Anthony Watts report back last time how much money he had raised and how he spend it? I did not see it.

    2000$ for 5 days sounds like a luxury holiday to me. No conference fee, almost no travel costs to get to SF. And may I guess he will not use the offer in the comments to stay at the house of one of his faithful for free. Then Watts is suggesting that scientist are just as wasteful with money as he is. Disgusting. Purely disgusting.

    He could have used the membership of his personal AMS, the OAS. Did anything happen there since its inception?

    1. As long as people are willing to send him money I don't see anything wrong. His fans don't ask for nor expect accountability. Many of them view it as payment earned to do what he likes with.

      What I think is odd is that the donors don't have any expectations of his visit. They know from experience that his so-called "reporting" is virtually non-existent. The only reason he gets a freebie press pass AFAIK is because of his link with a radio station where he announces the weather. He's not a journalist.

  2. "He wants them to fork up for his air fare"

    It's 172 miles from Chico to SF. Maybe he can hitchhike for free.

    Wharf Rat

    1. But gas is expensive in CA because of all the "green" taxes on it! (cue whining).

    2. He could go in his electric car.

  3. There was no request for airfare in his post. And hotels in SF are quite expensive.

    1. I'm surprised that the guy running the biggest blog in climate change denial doesn't have at least one fan in SF with a room to spare. Or maybe Watts thinks there are too many headcases among his fans to take the risk.

    2. Thanks, David. You're right. I've fixed the article.

    3. Millicent, one of the people in the comments offered him a room. I do not expect Watts to take it. I expect that he wants to live to good life on the libertarian teat.

  4. There's only so much one can say about this topic.

    AW's improved hearing may embolden him to contribute somehow in SF.

    The only time he opened his mouth in Bristol was to drink Nick Lewis' wine, yet that act alone earned him "front page" status on numerous blogs.

    1. You would have expected him to present a poster on his Watts et al. (2012) study, to discus his preliminary results with knowledgeable scientists.

  5. They view it as payment for services rendered by giving them a notice board...

    More like one of those old-fashioned endless hand towel rolls in a public toilet, the kind that never seemed to be laundered.

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