Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Will the hysteria die down a bit?

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Over the past few weeks WUWT has been distinctly weird, even for WUWT.  Anthony has bullied arguably more than usual and has published a rash of really, really dumb articles and bald-faced lies.  I mean really dumb.  That's not unusual in itself, but the frequency is.

I postulate that the hysteria was building up in anticipation of President Obama's climate speech.  Now that the speech been delivered and given that it was without controversy (as regards climate) and did not include the type of radical measures that many deniers seem to have feared (like an excise on petrol), WUWT will probably get back to a more "normal" lower level of hysteria in its denial.

The reason I say this is that the same ridiculous alarmism from deniers was evident on Australian discussion boards in the period leading up to the announcement of the carbon pricing scheme.  After its introduction many of the most strident (and ignorant) deniers disappeared from the boards.

For example, today on WUWT there was an article about hot weather in the USA, with a stunning weather map coloured in reds and blacks, and not a snark to be seen in the article itself.  (Responses from the WUWT-ers were a different story, but no different to the norm.) The fact that it was published at all is refreshing.  WUWT didn't mention the recent floods in Canada or the recent weird weather in Alaska at all.

This hot weather article was followed by a denier meme article implying that "scientists don't no nuffin' no more".  Standard fare for WUWT, but fairly low key and devoid of the hysteria seen on WUWT over the past several weeks.

Time will tell, I suppose.


  1. Not sure I agree with you. The nut cases in the U.S. Congress are presently pre-occupied with other issues right now (major court decisions, the IRS non-scandal, Benghazi, etc.). So, at the moment there are no denier talking points coming out of the talking heads on TV, but I suspect that will change once they get around to Obama's speech, particularly because so much of it revolves around their corporate funders biggest enemy, the EPA.


  2. did not include the type of radical measures that many deniers seem to have feared

    Like broad wiretapping powers on phone calls and emails, to round up those critical of the IPCC world government? Eh...

    1. Shhh. That's meant to be a secret, Martin.

    2. And so we all had a ball (quadraturable, as Martin knows) in Hong Kong :)

    3. Well, I learnt something new today - quadrature.

      Did you know a Google search returned only three results for the word "quadraturable"? And two of those three were in French.

    4. And two of them are the same text, and the first is Harvard geometry, wow do I feel like standing next to Allen Ginsberg :)

      Right, well, one more thing, you need to know about the Pi Sect. We believe the ratio of circumference and diameter of any circle is a transcendental number. Anyone daring to think otherwise gets kicked out violently without comment except expressions of disgust.
      (we always fight with bankers, because we hold the these there are exactly one hundred cents in any dollar).
      Wanna join? :)

    5. I hear the sect was outlawed in Indiana. Or almost

    6. Almost. "The bill never became law, due to the intervention of a mathematics professor who happened to be present in the legislature."

      Just 'happened to be present'. To catastrophe or no depends on just happening to be present or no. Or whether a core member of the sect found a way to infiltrate the Inquisition.

  3. Read Willis's first comment on his "environmentalists are bad" post. Comedy gold!

    I dun read no climate books because it makes me smarter if I dun know nuffin!

  4. Is the hysteria over? Maybe, but the Blog Science continues. It's business as usual, with a delay of just 22 minutes before a commenter pointed out that a bullshit post was, erm, bullshit.


    1. It's not a bullshit post, it's "public peer review" at its best!

    2. Priceless, isn't it? The world's a better place for these dazzling new opportunities to be giddily wrong in public, and for at least half the audience to carry off the incorrect message anyway...

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