Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Anthony Watts: Arctic Ice comes back in Fall and Winter

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Climate science deniers do come up with doozies.  I've already posted one from a WUWT commenter.  Here is one from Anthony Watts himself, owner of the anti-science blog WUWT:
Of course one only has to look at the WUWT Sea Ice page to note that sea ice disappears every summer, and comes back in the fall and winter.

It gets cold in winter?  Surely not.

Source: Cryosphere Today

As for the sea ice disappearing in summer, it didn't always disappear.

Here's an animation comparing the 1980s in the Arctic in mid August to the same date this century, from Cryosphere Today.

Maybe Anthony is saying that that to prepare his readers for the fact summer ice will soon all disappear from the Arctic.  Or is he pretending it's not been disappearing as fast as this:

And this:

Videos from Andy Lee Robinson.

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