Monday, December 12, 2016

Get ready for the AGU Fall Meeting #AGU16

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A reminder to everyone who isn't in San Francisco at AGU16, that it's best to be prepared in advance. (Fine words coming from me, when I can barely find time at the moment to write a simple blog article.)

I think that last year's registration details probably work this year too. If so, you've probably already received an email from AGU with all the links. If not, you can register and logon to AGU On-Demand here. (Let me know if that link doesn't work for you.)

You can browse and search the scientific program ahead of time. The search button is on the top right, easy to miss.

Cool features at AGU On-Demand 2016

There are lots of features this year. You can create an agenda for yourself; add reminders to your calendar (maybe only if you use Outlook, not sure); have times for on-demand sessions in your own local time (set this in your profile after you've logged in); you can ask questions of the presenter during a live presentation. They might even get answered😊

Click the help button in the AGU On-Demand window if you get stuck, and post a comment, question or tip below and someone's bound to be able to help out. Check the menu up the top of the screen, which is fairly self explanatory. The Channels have user-friendly names this year, with Climate listed first.

It would be great if, in the comments below, you can list some of the sessions you think will be good to watch, including poster sessions that will become available over time. That includes all you lucky people who are there at AGU16.

Enjoy the latest and maybe greatest science.


  1. Sou: you can ask questions of the presenter during a live presentation. They might even get answered��

    So we do not even have to go there to ask Hansen a burning scientific climate question about nuclear energy?

    1. That's right:D. Anthony could have saved his readers the cost of his accommodation and perks (plus leftovers), and asked his question from the safety of the computer in his basement.

    2. Oh duh he would not know what to ask I am thinking

    3. He's kind of brave to turn up to these things. Walking into a large room full of people whose life mission is to advance scientific knowledge whereas he....

      OK maybe I'm confusing bravery with something else.

    4. PG, this time around, like previous AGU meetings, Anthony didn't promise to ask any questions. He's on a scientist stalking mission.

    5. Didn't he fly all the way to the UK to in the end NOT ask any questions at all to Lewandowsky? He didn't even try, AFAIR.

    6. I don't think he'll be doing much stalking. He hasn't got the guts.

      Sou I think he really craves the company of scientists and those moments are rare in his life. I think he feels important and somehow relevant in their company but I think it's only at conferences that he feels safe. He'd never have the guts to sit down for a one-on-one at Boulder or Penn State.

      That Bristol Conference and the dinner at Nic Lewis' joint was one the the highlights of his life. Not only was he in the UK he got to genuinely socialise with some heavyweights...and Nic.

      I note that he lives a brief 2 and a half hour drive out of San Francisco yet this year he's having difficulty scraping the petrol money together from his adoring whatever they are.

    7. That's right, Marco. He scrounged funds to go to the UK on the promise of asking questions, but squibbed. He only got his "mann"-hood back when he got back home behind his computer.

      PG, Anthony asks for extra funds each year for AGU. This time the dollars didn't seem to come as thick and fast as in prior years. One time he said he'd take people out to dinner on the extra money. There was no sign that anything came of that promise. Kind of like his taking not inconsequential amounts for his defunct Open Atmospheric Society. That was a couple of years ago, and not a peep in over a year now.


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