Saturday, September 20, 2014

John Cook's brilliance in Bristol and the sound of silence at WUWT

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I see that John Cook's talk was very well received in Bristol. By all accounts he gave his usual brilliant presentation.

I'll write more when I can. As you can guess, the topic of communicating science is of great interest to me, as a blogger who tries to demolish disinformation. I learn a lot from John Cook.

One thing that's interesting is that a prominent global warming "skeptic" blogger was in attendance (see bottom RHS of top photo above). He was followed out of the lecture by a strange crocodile entourage of 13 blokes, I've been told :)

Deniers stunned into silence

Anthony had his trip paid for by his readers, but so far not a peep from him.  Not a tweet, no WUWT article at the time of writing this article - some hours after the end of the lecture. I hear he didn't even put up his hand to ask a question. And not for want of prompting from his fans.

Below is a record of Anthony's tweeting frenzy while at the Bristol talk. A big fat zero!. (Click to enlarge.)

After the lecture, Anthony Watts and his mates went off to drown their sorrows at a local pub. I don't know if his backers will be disappointed or if they had no expectations.  I didn't see any complaints about his similar failure to deliver when they paid him to go to #AGU13, so they are probably not very discerning about where they spend their hard earned dollars - as long as it's not to help mitigate global warming.


Bert from Eltham said...
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Joe said...

Thanks for following up on this one Sou. I forgot the date and was wondering what happened. BTW, not surprised.

Anonymous said...

Watts actually flew to the UK to stalk Cook? Strange, to say the least.

GSR said...

The silence of the Waaaaams.

Millicent said...

Anthony can console himself that no matter how ridiculous he looked - flying across the Atlantic to confront Cook and then apparently bottling (he claimed he had a great many questions to ask remember) - his 13 acolytes looked even more ridiculous. Not so much winged monkeys as munchkins then.

Anonymous said...

Wow, kitten sneezes now, the guy really has lost his marbles. As for Anne-Marie, it just shows how brain dead you need to believe this crap.

Sou said...

Offended by little kittens. Is there anything that doesn't outrage science deniers?

Kevin O'Neill said...

"Is there anything that doesn't outrage science deniers?"

Have you ever seen one outraged by McIntyre & McKitrick's (and subsequently Wegman's) 100:1 sorted (sordid?) cherry pick?

Naw, that doesn't outrage them at all :)