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Pleading insanity? Denier weirdness at WUWT - your host: Tim Ball.

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Tim Ball the conspiracy theorist was let loose at WUWT today (archived here). No, I don't mean he let loose. I mean what I wrote, he was let loose. He's been let out, unsupervised.  (Perhaps he's angling for the insanity defense in his current court cases.)

As John asked in the WUWT comments:
May 4, 2014 at 8:18 pm
Is this a joke?

Let's see if I can decipher Tim's article.

Tim starts off talking about "agents of the IPCC".  You know, the infamous secret spy ring "the IPCC". It's members infiltrated the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia, which spread its tentacles far and wide and inserted sleeper agents into NASA and Penn State University and the University of Chicago and the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and the British Antarctic Expedition and various other nefarious organisations (even Wikipedia).  These evil spies communicate by secret coded emails that they hide from innocent parties like Steve McIntyre and the American Tradition Institute, who have offices of analysts standing by to decode the secret messages in the email headers to find the missing core tops in the bristlecones to determine whether the ice age will start this year or next.

Tim knows that hidden in the blade of Michael Mann's hockey stick that he keeps in a locked basement in the secret hideaway known as "RealClimate" is the secret code. But first he has to get the key from the current Ruler of the World, Tom Wigley, and to do that he needs to get past the duo of bouncers known as "Bradley and Hughes".

Tim tells us that Mr Cuccinelli valiantly fought The Mann, on behalf of the good guys known as The Taxpayers.  However that upright gentleman was thwarted by the evil cabal otherwise known as the Supreme Court, which is an arm of the evil IPCC - though the details are a bit murky and are buried in the Nobel Prize and protected by Proprietary Rights, which is another agency of the evil UN that has surreptitiously taken over the world and is about to seize all Intellectual and Other Property including everyone's private property (before sending everyone on the Long March to the FEMA concentration camps aka Agenda21).

As fobdangerclose says:
May 4, 2014 at 8:16 pm
It is not supported by law, the cult has misplaced the real law of reason, all they have is power.
They use it for their own evil ends. Just say no.

And Oracle has hit the nail on the head, writing:
May 4, 2014 at 8:57 pm
The IPCC’s true goal is to use *any* means possible to bring about a U.N. one world government somewhat communist/marxist/lenninist or extreme socialist in nature, and they clearly don’t care how many lies they propagate to achieve their true goal.
Lord Monckton leaked some documents to Fox News some years ago which showed the UN/IPCC agenda.
These U.N. anti-freedom control freak petty tyrants must never be allowed to succeed.
Conspiracy Theory – I think not! 

Of course, the thlot plickens further to the Ineptitude of Obamma (another name for the Barack Fiefdom) and the oilfields of the Middle East as the illustrious Streetcred, you can tell by his name that he has a nose for such things, says:
May 4, 2014 at 10:57 pm
Ah, Bushbunny, but think of how successful the socialists have been to limit fossil fuel supply … via Obamma’s ineptitude the oil output from the Middle East has been strangled by civil war and terrorism, and the supply of cheap gas to Europe from Russia is also threatened. Price of crude through the roof and cost of natural gas similarly disposed. 

While the bushbunny points out that "they" are not just "they" they are also "them" and says:
May 5, 2014 at 1:23 am
Streetcred, Gosh I don’t think it is ‘just’ socialists, what about Fascists. Anyway guys must go and have my dinner, so keep writing.

Twobob nods sagely and says:
May 5, 2014 at 2:38 am
Your B. Was it a serendipitous Mistake.
Keep your proof secret,refuse to share it and employ has may some and
mirrors has you can.
Like cracked mirrors of their souls. 

Beware, the secret IPCC which is a front for the evil empire of the UN. The IPCC is coming to get you. Yes, you. You have been warned!

(I kid you not!)


  1. Memo for the obsessed AGW denier.

    Stop living in the past. It's 2014, time to move on. Climategate and the controversy over the hockey stick is now old news, and has been for some time now

    Here is a secret that your conspiracy laden brain might accept. Mann's hockey stick has been confirmed by numerous other independent studies, so you better get used to it. It's a fact. Also Mann is just one of thousands of climate scientists and researchers, who have now conclusively shown than human emissions of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and methane are warming the planet, and if left unchecked, will cause damage to our society.

    Your continued obsession with Mann and your crackpot conspiracy theories only makes you look like an unhinged nutcase. Time to give it a rest.

  2. Just for fun, I left the following comment on the WUWT article -- it is absolutely certain it will die in moderation:

    "Gol-durn it, I come here for for amateurish, disingenuous attempts to disprove global warming by misinterpreting and cherry-picking, not for bizarre conspiracy theories. I want my money back!"

  3. Dave: You suggested:
    Your continued obsession with Mann and your crackpot conspiracy theories only makes you look like an unhinged nutcase.
    Good advice, and a nice try. But -- they are unhinged nutcases, and therefore completely incapable of perceiving themselves as same.

  4. How ironic that this "evil overlord" was created, in large part, by that champion of the Free Market, Ronald Reagan:

    "US support was probably critical to IPCC's establishment. And why did the US government support it?

    Assistant Undersecretary of State Bill Nitze wrote to me a few years later saying that our group's activities played a significant role. Among other motivations, the US government saw the creation of the IPCC as a way to prevent the activism stimulated by my colleagues and me from controlling the policy agenda.

    I suspect that the Reagan Administration believed that, in contrast to our group, most scientists were not activists, and would take years to reach any conclusion on the magnitude of the threat. Even if they did, they probably would fail to express it in plain English.

    The US government must have been quite surprised when IPCC issued its first assessment at the end of 1990, stating clearly that human activity was likely to produce an unprecedented warming."

    Michael Oppenheimer, Ph.D., the Albert G. Milbank Professor of Geosciences and International Affairs in the Woodrow Wilson School and the Department of Geosciences at Princeton University.


    1. Good point, Physicist retired. There was Maggie Thatcher, too. As conservative as any. She and Reagan were quite a pair.

      Another take on the beginnings.

  5. You left out WUWT commenter John, who sums up Ball's post with eleven letters and a punctuation mark.

    "Is this a joke?"

    1. It's up the top, Magma. Second para.

    2. And there it is, clear as day. I scrolled down too fast.

      Take it as an independent vote for the best WUWT post then.

  6. Strange Dr Tim left out the Reptilians...

  7. I think it's high time to wind up the IPCC and leave the AGW denier world floundering.

  8. OMG! I got on Watts! In the Tim Ball thread!

    They're gonna crucify me. Or, they'll think they have.

    1. Great job; nice Marx joke. Your exchanges with RACookPE1978 remind me of when he charmed me in another of Dr. Tim Ball's WUWT articles.

    2. dielectric of material. Heh! Heh! Possibly wasted in that context?...

    3. What bill said. Side splitting.

    4. Nice to see the Wutters getting shown up on their own site. But, on previous form, I'd expect that to be ended by dbstealey posting one of his ineffectual 'rebuttals' which is then followed by him banning you so that you can't demonstrate how shallow his post is.

    5. It never ends well. They will just badger you with silly question until you give up or are banned.

    6. Well done getting past the moderation on WUWT. I like your reverse psychology - challenging them to moderate you out.

      Mind you Tim Ball's riposte to you was devastating - you cannot have your money back because you have not paid any! Insightful.

      I will follow your progress. (Shouldn't take long ...).

    7. Dear me, the comments from the Watties are beyond insane.

      check this comment out by John.

      "Once one get’s past the press and political speeches, one learns that “extreme events” aren’t increasing. Global ice is a “normal” levels. The rate of sea level rise is slowing."

      Do you see what you are dealing with. Compete and utter denial of the facts.

      Extreme events ARE increasing.

      Global ice IS decreasing at an alarming rate.

      Sea level rise IS accelerating.

      and hasn't slowed AT ALL.

      Do you see what sort of people you are dealing with. They steadfastly refuse to even look at the evidence, and when you do show them the evidence, they never go 'Oh, yes you are right', they just move on to some other stupid point until they wear you down. I've seen it so many times I don't even bother with the Watties, as they are already too far gone, it's utterly pointless. Just leave them to their distorted bubble of unreality.

  9. Shorter version of Dave's memo to deniers: Climategate is over. You lost.

  10. Separate lawsuits from Andrew Weaver and Mike Mann are in progress against Ball, both via lawyer Roger McConchie, a very good Canadian libel lawyer. I own a copy of his 1000-page book on Canadian defamation law, actually quite understandable.

    These things take years ...

  11. Truthers are stranger than fiction.


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