Saturday, May 10, 2014

A diversion and thank you for one million page views

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Climate change is a demanding topic. This is a brief diversion by way of thank you to all HotWhopper readers and contributors.

I know it's not the "done thing" to write about reader stats (when did HotWhopper ever worry about the "done thing"?) - but according to Google blogger, HotWhopper reached it's one millionth page view earlier this week, which astounds me. It's way beyond what I envisaged when the blog was started seventeen months ago. All thanks to readers.

This milestone is also a reality check to lift the game and keep striving for better content.

Here's my thank you to climate scientists everywhere and to HotWhopper readers, particularly to those of you who comment here, and to those of you who retweet and link from other blogs and discussion boards - at least those of you who like bird photos :) These photos were all taken in our back yard or just over the back fence, and are of common visitors. As always, click to enlarge.

First a little Grey Fantail, a lively bird.

Grey Fantail

Then the Laughing Kookaburra.


And a view of its tail :)


The Pied Currawong pops in quite often, usually with lots of mates.

Pied Currawong

Eastern Rosellas are a tad shy, but enjoy eating the thistles in the land on the other side of our back fence:

Eastern Rosella

While the Satin Bower Bird likes figs:

Satin Bowerbird

White (sulphur-crested) cockatoos make a racket - this one is screeching while flying overhead:


Finally my favourite bird, the Magpie, which sings the most beautiful and complex songs in between chatting. Magpies are the friendliest birds and very smart (and playful). They also get to know individual people. They don't swoop on their friends :)



  1. Here's hoping that you never reach 2 million views, due to a lack of any further gibberish for you to hotwhop.

    As this seems unlikely, thanks again for all of your brilliant work.

    1. Thanks, idunno. We'll see. The gibberish doesn't change much, does it. It's mostly the same gibberish that just gets recycled over and over.

  2. Glad to see you're getting the attention you deserve, and thanks for all your work. Your style is just the right contrast to the self-righteous whinging of the denier crew.

  3. Congratulations!! Well deserved. While WUWT is quite boring due to its predictable misinformation, reading your posts about the hubris is a pleasure.

    And thank you for sending so many readers my way. Hotwhopper is my second referring site, just after google.

  4. A million views. Wow. Evidence that all the hard bloody work is being appreciated. Let me add my own small thanks to the pile.

    I agree with Cugel (and others) who have commented that the tone of this blog is exactly right. It's also unique, which is a killer combination.

  5. Congratulations. As others have said - well deserved. With that many views, you must be having some impact. Keep it up!

  6. Great pictures; especially liked the in-focus kookaburra tail feathers.

    I'm guessing that figs must be in the mulberry family, Moraceae, based on those leaves.

  7. I know Evan Jones is losing sleep over your exposure...keep the heat on him so he'll see the light of reason.
    I'll be back again and again to reach the the 2 million mark and bring to Evan Jones your posts. Thank you!

  8. Keeping up with WhatsUp@Watts must indeed be a demanding occupation and I am amazed at how you can keep up, and with such cogent and lucid presentation.

    Congrats from me too. One of my must goto blogs. Nice bird pics, I try too before many once familiar species vanish. Greenfinches for example were a common sight in our garden a dozen years ago, I have not seen one for years now.

    The situation is not helped by this kind of activity on Malta, Massacre on migration:


    That pied Currawong looks like it is related to our UK Rook, but without the brushed aluminium undercarriage.

    Some corvids over here are doing well, Magpies, Jays and Jackdaw but the smaller birds such as Nightingale are in trouble. The rise in Magpie numbers cannot be good for Tit numbers.

    Keep up the good work here.

    1. The situation is not helped by this kind of activity on Malta Massacre on Migration.

  9. Congratulations! I love that this site is picking up the traffic it deserves. I don't know how you keep up with the crap from WUWT, Curry, etc.

  10. HW is one of my favorite climate spots on the web. Congratulations and thanks for your hard work, Sou.

  11. Well-deserved indeed!


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