Sunday, November 24, 2013

Climate video from the IPCC - We Have a Choice

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This video is very good, particularly for explaining to non-scientists just what we are doing to our Earth (h/t Victor Venema).  It's got some great pictures in remote locations and shows scientists working in the field.

Pass it on to your friends and colleagues.


I notice that Anthony Watts hasn't got anything much good to say about it except he agrees it is a well-produced video (archived here).

But then again, when Thomas Stocker says:
We have a choice.
We have a choice to live in a world in which climate change is limited to less than two degrees Celsius or in a world that is warmer than four degrees Celsius.
...long ago Anthony Watts opted for a world of more than four degrees Celsius and wants everyone else to do the same.

I'm still hopeful that the world won't agree with the luddites like those at WUWT.  I'm hopeful that we will shift to a new clean energy future.

From the WUWT comments

I hesitate to spoil this article with silly nonsense from WUWT but then I think it will save some readers from making the trip.  So here are a couple to reassure you that WUWT deniers deny as much as ever. (Archived here.)

albertalad says:
November 23, 2013 at 7:56 pm
When there are snow storm as far south as Texas I doubt anyone in North America gives a crap about the IPCC and their blackmail schemes, let alone one more You Tube idiotic video amongst a world of other moronic videos on that site. That is unless the entire IPCC is twirking on the video – then it would be hilarious! I’d watch that.

albertalad may be so busy smirking about unseemly imagery that he is not aware of the fact that 84% of Texans accept that climate change is real (click to enlarge):

Bob Tisdale avoids science as much as possible.  No wonder he is perennially puzzled.  He says:
November 24, 2013 at 12:32 am
I didn’t view it. I figure if they get too many views from WUWT, they may be encouraged to produce more climate porn.


  1. Well the video does not go very deep, Bob Tisdale should know all of this by heart. ;-)

    And I found the video on the Klimazwiebel. The comments there are unfortunately not much better as the ones at WUWT. :-(

  2. I notice the Deniers have a new tactic : scream "Climate porn!" makes a change from the cry of "Socialism!" or "World Government!". I can't decide whether it's more or less silly.

  3. The video doesn't go deep, but it does outline the situation in a simple way that presumably anyone can comprehend.

    The problem is that most (you know that whole right wing, libertarian crowd) refuse to listen to any of this out of principle -

    It just keeps getting spookier, the wilder weather gets and the more we know - the more obstinate and even nasty they are getting. The thought that we are all in this together doesn't even dawn on them… too much heaven on their minds.

  4. PS. Sou, you are doing a great job over here, I hope your numbers are good -
    you deserve a lot of readers.

    Keep up it up, and thanks again!

    1. Thanks, Peter. There's a loyal bunch of readers that keeps growing in size, plus new people popping by all the time. Thanks to people like you. (Much more than I ever envisaged at any time, but especially for a newish blog.)


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