Friday, April 5, 2013

Denier weirdness: It's not CO2, it's aeroplanes

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More denier weirdness from WUWT.  Willis Eschenbach has decided that it's not CO2 that's causing global warming, it's occasional landings at remote airports.

Maybe that's what HotCopper's beretta based this idea of his on.

Just for fun, let's analyse what Willis E is saying.

On day one an aeroplane (A1) lands at a remote airstrip.  On day 61 another aeroplane (A2) lands on that same remote airstrip.  The heat produced by aeroplane A1 defies physics and doesn't dissipate, it has magically hung around and is added to the heat produce by aeroplane A2.  After twenty years and (let's be extravagant) 500 landings, the temperature at that remote airstrip has risen by the amount of heat from A1 + A2...A500.

Sheesh, that airstrip is probably really hot by now isn't it.  No wonder the world is heating up :D


To show how sceptical "fake sceptics" are, and whether or not they check sources, compare the following comment from a WUWT reader...
sunshinehours1 says:
April 4, 2013 at 9:20 am   UHI exists. If the BEST team can’t find UHI, they should keep trying. And quit pretending UHI doesn’t exist.
...with the first paragraph of the BEST paper that Willis 'discusses'.
The Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect describes the observation that temperatures in a city are often higher than in its rural surroundings. London was the first urban heat island to be documented [1] but since then many cities have been identified as urban heat islands [2-5]. A well-known example is Tokyo where the temperature has risen much more rapidly in the city than in nearby rural areas: Fujibe estimates excess warming of almost 2°C/100yr compared to the rest of Japan [6] The warming of Tokyo is dramatic when compared to a global average as seen in Figure 1. The UHI effect can be attributed to many physical differences between urban and rural areas, including absorption of sunlight, increased heat storage of artificial surfaces, obstruction of re-radiation by buildings, absence of plant transpiration, differences in air circulation, and other phenomena [7].
Note for fake sceptics: The BEST paper is not disputing UHI (which is real, was first discussed more than two centuries ago and has been well-documented by climate scientists for decades).  It is looking to see if UHI has biased the record of global land surface temperature anomalies or if it has already been sufficiently factored in or is otherwise inconsequential.  Like every other similar (published) analyses, it has concluded UHI has not biased the records.


  1. A very dry and curly-edged offering from Watts' sushi train.

    You'd think after years of jet engines and Stevenson screens they'd have gotten somewhere or moved on...No,they really just want to repeat the same conversation with other obsessives.

    Then of all people S.Mosher has to point out that the station is classed 'urban' in BEST.

    Wretched does not begin to describe it.

  2. So no aircraft flying for the last 16 years?

    1. Lol - depends who you talk to.

      Some would say there have been no aeroplanes for the past 80 years.


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