Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A failed WUWT experiment?

Sou | 7:49 AM Go to the first of 6 comments. Add a comment
I notice the "thumbs" have disappeared from WUWT without fanfare, having survived for barely a day.

Thumb clickers misbehaving

Coincidentally Anthony has blocked HotWhopper @mobyt9 from his twitter feed.  I don't know why, I have never bothered to follow him on Twitter - I want an informative feed. (Maybe it's so he doesn't have to read my 'critiques').

I wouldn't be surprised if Tony thinks that means no-one else can see my tweets :)


EliRabett said...

Eli and maybe some other bunnies used their thumbs:)

Sou said...

Thanks, Eli ;)

In that thread I noticed two separate links from WUWT to here. Interestingly, going by blogger stats, not very many people read Tisdale's posts or comments (not all that surprising). If they do few of them follow links. Probably both.

(I got way more visits from Slate in the past couple of days - though Phil Plait's link is buried in his article - and besides that, it's about six weeks old!)

Sou said...

Should have mentioned, Eli, that using the same yardstick, Rabett Run is at least fifteen times as popular as WUWT:)

Wotts Up With That Blog said...

Yes, I also noticed that they had gone. Maybe I shouldn't have given the thumbs down as often as I did to some of the more regular contributors! :-)

Anonymous said...

Tangentially related, Watts is now railing on about all the cold records that are being set in the U.S. recently. Gee, I wonder if there could be a *reason* why this is happening. Polar amplification and its consequences, anyone?



Anonymous said...

I too sent a whole load of thumbs in the wrong direction. I suspect Anthony has discovered that a significant minority of his vast army of lurkers are actually folks having a bit a of laugh at the expense of his peanut gallery.