Sunday, August 20, 2017

Some photos - snow on Mount Bogong in the Kiewa Valley

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I'm away at the moment, and went home to the Kiewa Valley for a couple of hours yesterday. It was a glorious winter day, more like spring, except for the snow. I took a few photos of the snow on Mount Bogong and neighbouring peaks, and of some cockatoos that were grazing by the side of the road.

And no, heavy snow in winter doesn't signify a shift to cooling, in case anyone is wondering. It does remind me of years gone by when snow like this was more common. (Click the arrow in the middle to start the slide show, click the arrow bottom right to view full screen.)

From the beautiful Kiewa Valley in north eastern Victoria. Credit: Sou as Bogong Breeze


  1. Hi Sou,
    Some lovely pictures. Ah someday Australia!

    Of course,to a Canadian it looks like summer.

    We're too far north to grow oranges in the summer and you have a tree loaded with them in winter

    1. Let me know when you visit, jrkrideau :D

      We've had some chilly days and nights by our standards - for winter, although one day last week it got to 18.2 C (55 F).

      We've also got some minor flooding after a lot of rain. With all the snow there could be more floods in a few weeks.

    2. I recall seeing citrus trees in Japan in the middle of winter, despite the cold.

      In my part of Canada, there's still a bit of snow visible from town, on the north face of the hills across Frobisher Bay. They're only a few hundred meters tall, but I'm pretty sure that's enough for some of our summer rain to have fallen as snow over there.

  2. Beautiful pictures, Sou. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Lovely pics. I've never been to Mt Bogong or Mt Beauty. Which is a bit sad. Maybe next year!

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  5. Climbed it a few times,a beautiful mountain... one Easter in the mid-1970s got caught in a blizzard up there.
    Noticed some horrible Syagrus palms in one of the pics, becoming a bushland weed in northern states. Cut them down please, Sou ;)

    1. The mouse took on a life of its own and deleted the comment, without my permission. Sorry about that Nick.

      Re the palms, they aren't a pest down in this part of the world AFAIK, and I've a feeling whoever owns them might object if I took an axe to them :)


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