Saturday, April 22, 2017

Science March in Melbourne - some photos

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For those who haven't been able to get to a March for Science, here are a few photos so you don't feel left out. These are from Melbourne Australia.

The early arrivals gathered at the State Library surrounding Redmond Barry, who valued knowledge a great deal.

The fashion leaders were out in force. Here's the brain hat - to help you think straight.

Some sciency humour. Aaagh.

What is science without musicians in lab coats?

Lots of signs, of course:

Humans aren't the only people who value science. This lovely dog does, too. He barked and danced whenever we cheered the speakers.

I was tickled pink to meet a couple of climate scientists who HotWhopper follows on Twitter, and who in turn follow HotWhopper. Here's one wearing the weatherman's t-shirt he designed a while back. You can get your very own - for men and women. (He doesn't take any profit from the sales.)

We finally ended up at Parliament House:

There were some very well known speakers. Unfortunately the sound system wasn't the best - or not for the speakers at the State Library. It didn't matter. We were there to celebrate science and to tell the world we appreciate, and everyone should understand, that knowledge is critical to society. Damage science and you damage the world.


  1. What do you mean photos from the March?

    Oh right, the time difference,, I'm reading this in the early morning in Canada (07:15 Daylight EST) and the march is over in Melbourne. It looks to be 21:15 in Melbourne.

    It looks like a good turn-out. Thanks for the photos.

  2. I went to the local march in Salem, Oregon. It looked like about 1,000 people there. One of my favorite signs was "Alternate Facts = (the square root of -1)"

  3. The March for Science in Sydney was dominated by points about climate change. Dr John Hewson gave a speech.

  4. I watched the march go past my hotel room in Bozeman, MT, USA. It took about 20 minutes for the marchers to pass. Paper reported several hundred, organizers said around 1K, which seem plausible. Not bad for a smallish college town in Montana.

  5. The March for Science in Washington, DC was the original one to be planned. I'm happy all these other marches around the world took place because the weather was miserable in DC Saturday: a cold steady rain most of the day. Still, there were tens of thousands of people and stuck it out. I suspect many of them were field scientists for whom a cold rainy day is just another day at the office! -- Dennis


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