Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Blog changes

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I have changed the blog around a bit, you might have noticed (the main website, not the mobile version). I've moved the menu to the left hand side. This has allowed a bit more space at the top so you can see the latest article better. It's also allowed me to stuff the menu with all sorts of things.

One thing I've added is some news items - that's on the bottom menu item third from the top, together with links to the BoM Enso tracker and WUWT-idget and other widgets in the sidebar and elsewhere. It's probably not the most comprehensive set of news items - however there are things that pop up there that I'd otherwise have missed. I just used a few search terms - you can click on the different search terms like floods, wildfire, drought etc, which are up the top of the news section - to see the news on that item.

Over the next few weeks I'll also try to get a set of commonly used charts up on the web - in a form that makes it easy to copy them or link to them. Things like surface temperature, ocean heat etc. When I do, feel free to use them and post elsewhere - preferably saying where you got them from and the data sources (which I'll include).

Let me know if you have any other suggestions - or if you come across problems.


peter prewett said...

I am finding I need to increase the display (font) size in Firefox to make it easier to read. OK old and probable need new glasses but it is not a problem elsewhere.

Sou said...

Is that any better now, Peter, or is it still too small. (I've enlarged the font size a bit.)

ligne said...

it's looking great, well done!

though the sidebar move means that if you've got a smaller display, or (like me) tend to have a relatively narrow browser window, the main content gets pushed off the right hand side of the screen. nothing hugely disruptive, but it does mean i have to scroll over the the right to be able to read the article.

Sou said...

Oh - I wondered about that. It was a balance between making stuff readable and keeping it as narrow as possible. I opted for a smidgen more white space.

Are you able to post a screenshot somewhere, ligne? Or if not, can you tell me the width of your screen/browser in pixels?

Sou said...

For people with narrow browsers or small screens, which aren't a smartphone or similar - I've added a link in the menu (under the Blog Menu tab) to switch to the mobile version. It's lighter and leaner and responsive - adjusting to the size of your browser. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles of the desktop version, but for reading blog articles and commenting it should suffice.

It might suit your needs, ligne.

Smartphones should go to the mobile version automatically. (I've also added a link to the mobile menu to switch to the desktop version.)

Victor Venema said...

Honeybees&Helium (on your blog role) has moved to a new place.

Sou said...

Thanks, Victor. I wondered at the long time between posts. I've added Sophie Lewis' research blog to the blog list (I assume that's the one you mean).

ligne said...

it looks like my browser is currently set to ~950px wide (so about half the width of this 1920px display). everything works as expected when i make the window fullscreen.

Anonymous said...

Sou. Clicking on a comment does not actually take the cursor to the comment any more on either my iPad or in the Chrome browser. Used to work.

Anonymous said...

Sorry my bad. It does work but you need to click on the commenter's name, not the article title.