Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Taxpayer-funded fake sceptics - public confession time

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Seems that not only will Australian taxpayers be forking out for adaptation and recuperation instead of mitigation, now we're paying science deniers.  The Institute for Public Affairs - arguably Australia's number one climate science denial machine, gets subsidised by taxpayers in all sorts of ways.

It's used the taxpayer-funded ABC as its own personal free publisher and public relations organisation.  It gets a free pass on paying taxes.  And anyone who sends it money gets a tax deduction for doing so.

This, mind you, is a right wing lobby group that rants and raves about government overspending, government subsidies and urges small government.  You'd think the last thing it would be doing is wasting our hard earned tax dollars.  But no.  Apparently it's a matter of "do what we say not what we do".  They survive with the help of taxpayer's contributions and tax breaks.

Now it's got a new scam going.  On the back of a who's who of science denying shysters, the IPC is threatening offering to publish for all the world to see, the names of anyone dumb enough to send them $400 or more to chop down trees to make door stops - or loo paper if you're extra tough.

It looks as if they can't get a publisher to pay for their trashy book so they have to resort to panhandling. You can read all about it here at Renew Economy.

I can't wait to see who are the most disreputable among the Establishment, who are willing to tattoo their names on the backside of such disreputable ratbags as Andrew Bolt, James Delingpole, Donna Laframboise, Mark Steyn,  Nigel Lawson. "Jo Nova", Jennifer Marohasy, Richard Lindzen, Anthony Watts, Ian Plimer, Bob Carter and other climate science deniers from Australia and around the world.


  1. At least ninety percent of the contributors to this book wouldn't recognise any of the Navier-Stokes equations if they got bitten on the butt by one of them. Can't see their contributions being anything but "interpretations of interpretations" in which case the book could end up in the Travel section of a bookstore.

  2. "a who's who of science denying shysters"

    As I expect that would omit previous form making up faux science on behalf of the tobacco industry, I will stick to Sourcewatch.

  3. Typo: " the IPC "

    IPA gets a mention in Familiar Think Tanks Fight For E-cigarettes, which can be summarizes as saying: think tanks have long helped tobacco companies, i.e., whose business plan = addict children to something that will damage most and kill many. After that, confusing people about climate is child's play, and no ethical challenge.


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