Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Do your bit - help with a survey of climate blog readers

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How about helping out some researchers by taking a survey of climate blog readers. It's for a project being done jointly by researchers at Cambridge University and Wageningen University. The results will be made available to me and every one who completes the survey so, with luck, we all might learn something and HotWhopper could be better for it. And before you ask, it has ethics approval and yes, the survey is anonymous, responses confidential etc etc.

It'll only take up to about 10 minutes or so. If you start and get interrupted, I'm told you can save where you're up to and finish it later.

So don't hold back - go for it. It's in a very good cause.


We need your help! Share your views on climate change with us.

Please share your views on climate change and reading blogs by filling out this survey. The data will be used for getting to know the readers of climate change blogs.

What’s in it for you?

  • You have a chance on winning a $20 gift card of Amazon;
  • You will get a sneak preview of the preliminary results;
  • You will contribute to research on climate change blogs.
Participation is anonymous, and your answers will be handled confidentially. The data is only used for research purposes.

Your input is highly valued! Please fill out the survey by following this link.


  1. I was obliged to abandon the survey at "Social Justice (correcting injustice, care for the weak)". I tried to avoid answering but they wouldn't let me.

    1. That's a shame, William. Good of you to leave feedback. (I expect they'll do the rounds and pick it up.)

    2. I had no trouble with the survey, although I paused briefly over one or two questions. One in particular I figured they'd expect a particular answer (knowledge testing), but I gave another. (The ozone hole does happen to be affecting Australia's climate.)

      I found it easy to do and it didn't take very long.

  2. Replies
    1. Good of you John. The researchers will appreciate that.

  3. I filled it in, but a few questions seemed ambiguous and my response might not have answered the intended question. iirc. one question asked if I felt I was expected to reduce my carbon emissions. Who by? If we are referring to general society's expectations of me, then my answer is no (which I gave). We live in an age where people dodge personal responsibility for the consequences of their actions and most people are doing it so that makes it OK in every apologist's mind. But if the question is should I do all I reasonably can to live a low carbon lifestyle then my answer would have been yes.

  4. Many survey questions seemed biased.

  5. Took the survey. I agree, several of the questions seemed ambiguous to me.

    Example: Would rising sea level increase climate change? I'm not sure if they're talking about feedback loops, or if they meant to ask if climate change causes rising sea level.

    Is do the sun/volcanoes/el Nino contribute to climate change? Well, it's possible that changes in the Sun or in volcanism can affect the climate, but they're not currently significant drivers. El Ninos, being cyclical events, do not contribute at all (that's sort of the definition of "cyclical"), but they can be worsened by climate change. I suspect the question there was trying to tell if survey takers have been influenced by the deniersphere telling us the Sun or volcanoes or ENSO cycles are causing the effects we're currently experiencing, but again, the question seems ambiguous to me.

    Anyway, I hope lots of people respond!

    1. Agree, DC. I suspect the issue is that the designers of the survey may be unaware of some of the finer points of climate change. When they do the analysis they may think some answers incongruous, when it's just that many responders know their science :)


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