Monday, May 29, 2017

Back very soon...

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This is just to let you know that HotWhopper will be active again very soon now. I wrote a while back how other commitments have dominated, and I didn't expect to be writing much before June. That's still the case.

There is lots to catch up on. The deniosphere hasn't come up with anything original. In fact it's getting antsy about Donald Trump. Some people are moaning that he's not yet got out of the Paris Agreement. Others are already making excuses for him not doing so. That sort of behaviour is par for the course with Trump fans and science deniers.

Anthony Watts himself has had to fill his blog with the usual misrepresentations and articles from hard core conspiracy nutters. He's still not writing much himself. I don't know that he ever will again. He doesn't enjoy the ridicule. (Anthony shares many of the characteristics of Donald Trump, who isn't game enough to let his staff hold press conferences much these days, let alone hold any himself.)

Anyway, I'll tweet and Facebook when HotWhopper returns full time. Feel free to request any topic, though no promises of fulfilling any particular request :)

PS Until I return moderation is on. That means it might take a short while for comments to be published. Thanks for your patience.


  1. The WUWT clowns will be pleased: Trump has decided that having a viable planet to live on is not important: Then once he was back in Washington, it was reported Trump had told three associates he planned to pull out of the agreement after all.

    1. I'm hoping that Trump will withdraw from the Paris agreement, for exactly the reasons that Luke Kemp reiterated today:


      Bernard J.

  2. America never ratified Kyoto so I am not sure a failure to sign up to Paris as regards getting it ratified would matter to the nations that did sign up.

    Trump has delivered on few of his election promises as yet. He needs to get a result in order to placate and encourage his supporters so pulling out of Paris might, he could think, show that he kept his promises. He came over very badly at the g7 but I do not know how that was spun in the States?

  3. Enjoy your blog-vacation!

    Today's news:

    Andrew Weaver, the climatologist on leave from U.Victoria to head the BC Green Party, won enough seats for the Green Party to be kingmaker in the recent provincial election -- the Liberals are short one seat of a majority, the NDP are short three, and the Greens hold those three.

    A few minutes ago he declared support for the NDP.

    I'm fairly certain this is the first time a climatologist has ever unseated a government.

    1. Go Andy! :)

      Three seats out of eight-seven may not sound like a lot and indeed isn't, but let's not forget the Greens got 15% of the overall vote despite being at a severe disadvantage due to first-past-the-post voting.

      So now we have a "supply and confidence" minority government. No Greens in the cabinet as it's not a coalition as such, but perhaps a Green speaker? Anyway, it will be interesting to see exactly what the Greens get out of it, which will probably start becoming more clear tomorrow.

  4. This is very interesting, not so much the thing itself as the blatancy of the manipulation. So, in the US anyway although somewhat similar in Oz, the UK and Canada, first there was right-wing talk radio, then Fox, then Breitbart, 4-chan and the like. The latter very much includes WUWT etc. The quality does seem to have declined in recent years, but perhaps that's because the proprietors realized that, as with Fox News from the outset, the dopamine reaction that keeps the page hits coming doesn't require quality.

    I haven't looked, but I rather suspect there's a whole little industry of consultants/books/conference speakers aimed at helping AW and his ilk find their most effective focus.


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