Monday, December 14, 2015

WordPress comments on HotWhopper - two solutions

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After hearing several Wordpress users say they had problems commenting here, the problem may lie with WordPress itself, and there are solutions - hopefully.

The problem apparently lies with how WordPress authenticates users. (Update: To clarify - HotWhopper is on Google's Blogger. The ID of people who leave comments can be authenticated by different platforms such as WordPress, TypePad, Google etc. if you comment using those IDs. Or people's ID won't authenticated if comments are posted as "Anonymous" or if you comment using "Name/URL".)

From an article from November last year, it's likely that "WordPress, which in general is using SSL security, has an OpenID server that has not been upgraded" - which causes the problems when commenting as WordPress.

Read on for two possible solutions.

1. Comment as: using OpenID instead of selecting WordPress.

Update: Google is no longer supporting OpenID so disregard this option.
Sou 30 May 2018

As described here:
Until WordPress upgrades their OpenID server, people who want to use a WordPress OpenID account, to comment on our blogs, will have to select "OpenID", instead of "WordPress" - then enter the WordPress OpenID URL, as:
http://whatever.wordpress.com (replacing "whatever" with your WordPress id)
And wait for WordPress to upgrade their server. 

This should allow you to be authenticated as a WordPress user.

2. Comment as: using Name/URL instead of selecting WordPress.

Instead of selecting WordPress to comment as, choose Name/URL.

The Name/URL has no authentication. So if that's important to you, use option 1 above.

Let me know if you continue to have problems with the above solutions.


  1. "the problem may lie with WordPress itself, "

    But aren't you hosted by Blogger?

    I've had some similar reports. Users seem to get a better deal using an ID. I always use Google ID. It's convenient too. I think some reported problems are when people write a comment, and then choose an ID. Blogger sometimes seems to wipe that and start again. best to choose ID first.

    1. Nick, HotWhopper is hosted by blogger, but the problem WordPress ID users have seems to lie with WordPress, not blogger. (Their WordPress ID is authenticated via WordPress and it doesn't always work.) That's why using either OpenID or Name/URL works (AFAIK).

      I've not come across anyone having any difficulties posting a comment using a Google ID, only with those who use a WordPress ID.

    2. Hi Sou

      I do not know what is happening. I have tried different browsers and cleared the cache.

      For instance this blog says there are 7 comments but I can only see 2. In my email feed I can see this post from you:

      Posted by Sou to HotWhopper at December 14, 2015 at 10:27 PM

      When I first navigated to this blog I could see your post but it is now not displaying. When the problem started something strange was going on with signing in so I just used Name/URL - but I am now back on my Google id.

      Oh well, plod on.

    3. That's a new one for me Jammy. If a hard refresh won't fix it then I don't know what will. Sorry.

    4. Thanks SOu. Not your fault. I expect it is one of those problems that will fix itself and disappear eventually.

      It does make following the sense of a thread a little awkward.

  2. Trying wordpress (have always used nam url on bothe hotwhopper and moyhu).

  3. Does that explain why I cannot see the comments I posted (and that others posted) according to my email stream? They appeared temporarily when I posted again but disappeared again and again. I cannot see them now and have no idea if anyone else can see them.

    I use a Google/ID signin.

    1. I don't know Jammy. Are you saying you can't see the comments on the blog, or you aren't getting notified of follow-up comments?

      If the former, try refreshing the browser and/or clearing the browser's cache.

      BTW - everyone can feel free to post test comments under this article to see what works for them.

    2. To be clear about refresh - I mean Ctrl+F5 (windows) or Command+R (mac), which should force a non-cached refresh with most browsers, though I think it varies a bit.

    3. Now I can see them! And explains why my last post in the wrong place!

      Will they stay?

  4. I always use name/url with my Twitter account as the url. No problems so far, although my logo/icon never appears.

  5. I have all sorts of trouble commenting on wordpress blogs, I thought because at any given time I may be signed on to two or three different wordpress platforms where I contribute or administrate. But, those sites tend to be the ones with more than average (but to my mind useless) security.

    I am now signed in with Google, here, and I will now press the Publish button and see what happens.

    1. I found commenting on WordPress blogs a lot more difficult than commenting on Google's blogs. IIRC I ended up having to change various settings on my (unused) WordPress account so that I could use my HotWhopper address to sign in :(

      As for Facebook websites (like ClimateProgress, where I used to be a regular) - forget it. It's all but impossible. I no longer even try.

  6. Another wordpress victim here, switching to using google signin (sigh). Notice how Google pre-selects the "stay signed in" checkbox so they have no guilt about tracking you. At least when I manually uncheck that after commenting somewhere (Rabett Run, mostly) I figure Google should experience a moment of shame. I mean, they know who I am whether I"m signed up or not. So ... theckwithit.


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