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The World Domination Conspiracy Theory at WUWT

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As if Viv Forbes paranoid conspiracy theory wasn't enough, Anthony Watts trots out David "funny sunny" Archibald, starting off an article (archived here) with (my emphasis):
“Everybody Wants To Rule The World” was a 1985 song by Tears For Fears. Now in 2015, a number of parties are doing their best to that end – ISIS in the Middle East, Russia chewing up the Ukraine, China in the East and South China Seas and the UN Climate Change Commission. A draft document out of Geneva gives details of the UN plan to rule the world.

David then quotes some from the Negotiating Text from the UNFCC meeting in Geneva earlier this month. Here is one of his quotes:
All Parties to strive to achieve low greenhouse gas climate-resilient economies and societies, on the basis of equity and in accordance with their historical responsibilities, common but differentiated responsibilities / evolving common but differentiated responsibilities and respective capabilities, in order to achieve sustainable development, poverty eradication and prosperity for the benefit of present and future generations of humankind, taking fully into account the historical responsibility of developed country Parties.

Does David Archibald object to poverty eradication? Does he object to prosperity for the benefit of present and future generations of humankind? Indeed he does. David writes:
Animal Farm was supposed to be a cautionary tale about communism. The UN has taken “All animals are created equal but some are more equal than others.” and turned into “All countries are common but some are more differentiated than others.” 

Heaven forbid that poverty should be eradicated or that poorer nations might have their capabilities taken into account. How could any red-blooded climate science denier tolerate such a thing. Everyone knows that you can only get rich if you exploit the poor. If you don't exploit the poor, how can you expect to make money?

David is particularly irate at something under "Option 5" of the document, which refers to per capita emissions since 1750 and states:
Each Party to the Convention whose per capita greenhouse gas emissions exceed the global average per capita greenhouse gas emissions shall be proposed to be inscribed in Annex I to the Convention, and the remaining Parties shall not be proposed to be inscribed in Annex I to the Convention.
(By the way, here is how countries are allocated between Annex I, Annex II and non-Annex I. Annex I are industrialised countries and non-Annex I are mostly developing countries.)

David concludes that:
So that is why the global warming scare is so hard to kill. The end game is world domination. 

David doesn't say who exactly is going to dominate the world, except he mentioned the UN above. So maybe he thinks it's all 193 member states of the UN that are going to dominate the world. Or maybe he's leaving it up to conspiracy theorists to fill in the blanks with whatever bogeyman is their favourite. Let's see who it might be:

  • Lizard men
  • The one-eyed, one-horned flying purple people eater
  • Aliens from (insert home planet here)
  • The "them" who operate HAARP
  • The "them" who are poisoning us with chemtrails 
  • Socialists
  • Fascists
  • Communists
  • All 193 member states of the United Nations
  • None of the 193 member states of the United Nations
  • Only parties that are inscribed in Annex I to the Convention.
  • All parties that are not inscribed in Annex I to the Convention.

From the WUWT comments

So far no-one in the comments has let on just who is going to dominate the world in the future. It's also apparent that deniers can only reject so many paranoid conspiracy theories. One (or maybe one a week) seems to be the limit. After that they embrace all others.

Christopher Paino  doesn't buy into David's paranoia:
February 18, 2015 at 10:52 am
I think I hear tin foil rustling…
And the hummingbird was despoiled? Not

Harry Passfield does:
February 18, 2015 at 10:57 am
Duh?? What you smokin’?

hunter rejected Viv Forbes paranoia but embraces David Archibald's
February 18, 2015 at 11:10 am
So quoting the actual treaty is too crazy for you. I would suggest that being highly fact resistant is evidence of tinfoil abuse.

MCourtney used up his quota of conspiracy theories to reject. (I think his quota is one). Like hunter, he also rejected Viv Forbes' notions but embraces the World Domination conspiracy.
February 18, 2015 at 11:29 am
This is not the crazy of a few days ago.
This is looking at the costs of the new treaty being discussed. A real treaty quoted accurately and not picking to disbelieve the bits that don’t fit the paranoia. It’s not the crazy.
OK, it’s about trying to get rich rather than trying to rule the world but money does make the world go round. But that’s just the writer’s style.
That’s the problem with posting one mad story. All other stories are assumed to be delusions too.

Tom G(ologist) says everyone at WUWT is a conspiracy nutter:
February 18, 2015 at 11:06 am
Dr. Archibald. Thank you for the very fine and concise post. With regard to your statement
“So that is why the global warming scare is so hard to kill. The end game is world domination. With such a big prize – the biggest possible, facts aren’t even inconvenient. They are not part of the process.”
We here at WUWT already knew that, but your posting certainly brings it into sharp focus.

Well, we at HotWhopper already knew that :)


  1. Just chiming in from the great white north, there haven't been any HAARP campaigns since last year (I believe the last one was in Fall 2014). Last I heard UAF was in talks to buy it outright from USAF and operate it as we operate Poker Flats (a sounding rocket range which is rented out to various users). Since then it's been shut down and would have to be overhauled to meet EPA emissions standards before starting up again. No word yet on how this will affect global temperatures.

  2. One should not be surprised by DA's alarmist piece being aired on WUWT given that WUWT's official motto is "Paranoia Gratia Paranoiae" or "Paranoia for paranoia's sake".
    Sincere apologies to MGM's motto "Ars Gratia Artis", to Hall Kennedy's Latin Primer (1866), to Romans and Greeks past ('paranoia' traces back to the Classical Greek "para noos" or beyond the mind i.e. demented), to anyone unfortunate enough to have read the unexpurgated Archibald alarmism and to anyone unfortunate enough to have read the 'pig' Latin in this Moncktonesque comment.

    1. George, you need to work harder on your Moncktonesquerie. You need to incorporate some Ronald Searle type-insults, e.g. "custardface", as well describing Archibald as a fascist, a Gruppenfuehrer, or similar.

  3. David Archibald (in)famously predicted in 2008 that solar cycle 24, the present one, would herald the onset of a period of intense global cooling.

    The collapse would be in the region of -2.2C over the cycle and would be felt most intensely at the mid latitude regions.

    We're now 6 years into solar cycle 24 and very likely it has already peaked. Not sure about mid-latitudes; but globally the past 6 years have been the warmest continuous 6 year period on average over the entire instrument record.

    David Archibald's 2008 forecast makes even the most unresponsive CMIP5 model projection look like a bullseye.

  4. David, Very good point. I've been thinking that WUWT has been around long enough that it should now be possible to test out the various predictions Watts has promoted. There was an odd bloke called Orssengo making some rather similar predictions about the same time on WUWT. It might be worth checking them out.

    1. Here's a collection I put together a while back. Not complete, and includes a few from elsewhere than WUWT.


    2. Excellent work, Sou.

    3. Didn't Orssengo spend some time at Deltoid? If it's who I think it is, it was possibly under another nom de plume, and he was one of the most loony commenters ever seen there - which is saying something.

      Bernard J might remember.

    4. That'd be right. The instant I hit "Publish" I Bernard J's comment just below me...

    5. He was, indeed, remarkable. As you say, managing to stand out in that crowd is an achievement, but perhaps not the one he thought it was at the time!...

  5. Gee Bill, you do know that Girma of Old Deltoid is like Beetlejuice, and will apparate if you say his name three times?

    Just don't mention Ayn Rand...


  6. Orwell, from all accounts I've read, had a significant soft spot for Socialism. It's also difficult to imagine that Animal Farm is a critique of Communism. While it is clearly inspired by the events of the 1917 Russian Revolution it seems to be far more concerned with Totalitarianism and Identity Politics. If you want to stretch the bow further it attacks the greed that drives the few to sell out their principles in favour of material gain and the consolidation of power with a few Privileged individuals, who subvert the system to their own gain (sounds familiar). That said it's probably not really attacking Capitalism.

    It's telling that Animal Farm is constantly trotted out by people who don't really understand what it's about and don't know anything about Orwell and his political inclinations

    Rational Troll

    1. Orwell's experience of the Moscow-directed Communist Party in Spain informs a great deal of the book. Like most socialists, Orwell had no liking for Stalin and the Soviet system he created. The pigs are all identifiable caricatures of real people, such as Beria and Trotsky. The message of the book is essentially "We got fooled again".

    2. Read 'Homage to Catalonia'! That Orwell has become quite the darling of the US Right is indicative of how little reading - let alone comprehending - of original sources they actually do...

      (The bizarre appropriation of MLK also comes to mind.)


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