Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Whopper of a HeatWave III: Climate Rage!

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The animated gif below has been updated.

Heat records smashed ...

Excerpt from the latest media release from Australia's Bureau of Meteorology:
Assistant Director of Climate Information Services, Neil Plummer, said the heatwave had broken national records. This is consistent with the trend of an increase in extreme heat events associated with climate change.
"On Monday the average maximum daily temperature record for Australia was broken at 40.33°C. The previous record, 40.17°C on 21 December 1972, was held for 40 years. The daily average maximum temperature yesterday (8 January 2013) is a close third at 40.11°C.
"The number of consecutive days where the national average maximum daily temperature exceeded 39°C has also been broken this week—seven (7) days (between 2–8 January 2013), almost doubling the previous record of four (4) consecutive days in 1973," said Mr Plummer. 

... evoking Climate Rage!

Most people have experienced 'road rage', that aggressive response to heat, traffic jams or other stimuli while driving a vehicle.  For most of us it's no more than swearing under our breath something like "bloody Volvo (substitute appropriate descriptor) driver!" or giving a finger.  Some people have a full-blown attack, ramming other cars or jumping out on the road and physically attacking other drivers.

Australia's 'big heat' has evoked a similar response from climate science deniers - 'climate rage'.

It works like this.  You're already hot and bothered from the record heat.  You see an article, tweet, or comment about the records broken by the current heat wave. If you're hard-wired to deny science, climate rage kicks in and you attack the keyboard:

More on the Record Heat

Here's an updated animated gif, showing the heat wave across Australia from New Year's Day to Thurs 10 Saturday 12 January. yesterday (9 January 2013). Click on the chart to see a larger version.

The Bureau has a Special Climate Statement on the record heat with more stats.

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