Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Andy Skuce - you will be sorely missed

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Andy Skuce sadly passed away a short while ago on 14 September. He was a wonderful person and will be sorely missed by many. I was privileged to know him, if only online. He was thoughtful, wise and kind and a real gentleman in the true meaning.

If you haven't yet, do read his recent article where Andy let his readers know about his illness. That article is so typical of Andy.


  1. Brief but right on the mark, Sou. Sad news.

    1. I will leave it to others to write more. In many ways that article from Andy himself linked above stands as a tribute to him. I hope it stays on the internet. Just in case, here's a link to
      an archived copy

      We discovered we had more in common than climate. I lived for a short while on the island off Vancouver Island that Andy, some years later, called home. That was when I was much younger (on my "Grand Tour") and working as a builder's labourer! Such a beautiful place.

  2. It's times like this where I realise how much I'd actually like to meet some of the names on the internet, and regret the absence of the physical that permeates too much of the virtual world.

    Vale Andy. Another champion for the planet who will be sadly and sorely missed.

  3. Very sad news, I have one of his articles listed in my "favs" it was a great synopsis of where we are, what we know about AGW but also what we don't know

    informative and well written

    and I loved his article on sceptical science where he describes who he challenged his earlier assumptions regarding Climate Change

  4. So sad to see Andy go. A sincere and selfless person.

  5. Thanks for letting us know. Seems Andy fought bravely on all fronts.

  6. This is not particularly on-topic, but given Andy's nature and especially the wisdom and sensitivity in his last post, I thought that some might be interested to listen to a conversation with Iain McGilchrist:


    Listening to McGilchrist's description about how the two hemispheres of the brain complement each other, and what happens if the balance is lost, one cannot help but recognise elements of the disfunction in the example of climate change denialism and in the inadequate leadership shown by most governments and other of society's leaders. And perhaps in the general malaise in motivation shown by too many in the general community...


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