Thursday, July 18, 2013

Anthony Watts: Facts are Undemocratic

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Anthony Watts of WUWT thinks that providing facts is undemocratic.

That's right.  He just said as much.  Facts are anathema to Anthony's idea of a democratic process.

The Union of Concerned Scientists is doing a fund-raiser and wrote to Anthony's dog.  Anthony posted the letter to his dog on his blog.  Yeah, he's great on posting details of other people's letters and emails and stuff.  I'll bet Kenji didn't give his permission!

Anyway, Anthony bolds this bit in the UCS fund-raising letter and said "so much for the democratic process".

The UCS is raising funds so that it can help: prominent scientists, armed with facts, to testify on Capitol Hill, meet with lawmakers, and speak out in the press.

Anthony can't abide facts.  Anthony even twists the words, saying this: "I wonder how UCS will use money sent today to somehow make a change to the list of people testifying on Thursday?"  I know he's not the brightest spark but is he that dumb really, do you think?  Does he really and truly believe what he's despicably insinuating - that the funds are going to be used to bribe or cajole a Senate Committee into changing speakers for a pre-arranged meeting?  That's what I call "twisting the facts", Anthony.

Not only that, but it sure looks as if Anthony thinks it's okay for lobby groups like Heartland Institute to lie to people but it's undemocratic for scientists to keep lawmakers informed about scientific facts?

Anthony also writes:
The previous message they reference is also pretty funny. They claim Shaun Marcott was abused by ‘hate mail’ and “bloggers twisted his research” but provide no proof of it,
Provide no proof?  This "all innocence" from the man who posted upwards of thirty blog articles protesting at facts and twisting the Marcott research - well, his articles were really too, too silly for words but he tried his best to goad his followers into a cyber-lynch mob.  I imagine a lot of the hate mail came from people who follow WUWT.

Maybe that's why Anthony tells so many lies so easily.  He's been brought up to think lies are "democracy at work" and democracy is good, right?

All this is true to the theme of WUWT this week.  For example - only a couple of days ago a WUWT moderator told Dr Venema that they don't want facts to pollute Anthony's blog - and deleted all reference to facts.

Democracy - Watts-style.
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  1. Willard Anthony has demonstrated repeatedly that he doesn't know the difference between a fact and an opinion. We could dismiss this post were it not for the fact that the US House of Represenatives is controlled by the climate deniers. -- Dennis


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