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The main HotWhopper website has some links to scientific papers, videos, articles, charts and various other climate-related material on separate pages:
  • NEW CHARTS! Charts you can use - I've now added a slideshow of charts of common climate change indicators - temperature, sea ice, sea level, ocean heat etc. with links to the data sources and links to chart images. Feel free to copy and use them. They are mostly annual, so won't be hard to keep up to date :)
  • Climate Metrics - has links to latest data on temperature, CO2, ice cover etc.
  • Climate science papers and reports - various, includes links to some definitive papers old and new (eg attribution, temperature reconstructions, older milestone papers).
  • Bits and pieces - a miscellany of links to climate-related items, which I found useful and/or interesting
  • Charts and links to more charts and some ocean heat content charts are available - updated as time permits. Feel free to use them. Please be nice and say where the charts are from (as well as the data).

Arctic Sea Ice Death Spiral

Arctic sea ice death spiral by Andy Lee Robinson - watch on YouTube


Courtesy of CruelClimate

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