Thursday, December 11, 2014

Celebrating Ten Years of RealClimate - We Salute You

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Congratulations to RealClimate on its Ten Year Anniversary.

Many readers would be long term fans of RealClimate.org. When I was learning about climate it was my first major resource and is to this day.

Through realclimate.org we got to know not just the science of climate but also the people of climate. The articles by the realclimate team and guest contributors have made science accessible, bridging the gap between science journals and science articles in the media. From there, many of us have found reading science papers in journals so much easier.

The people who started RealClimate ten years ago have become leaders in the field of climate science and leaders in the climate community. They have achieved a huge amount in their own careers as well as being known throughout the world as science communicators. They have continued to volunteer their personal time and efforts to helping us learn about climate, while their jobs have become more demanding, their families have been growing, more and more journalists have been querying (and more and more people are pestering). They have let us get to know not just their work, but them as people - different personalities, charm and even little idiosyncrasies and foibles. Their patience and endurance and amazing generosity has been a source of inspiration to many, many people.

I cannot think of another field in which a group of scientists have shown the sort of continuous dedication to bringing science to the public, from realclimate.org and beyond. They are amazing.

David Archer, 
Eric Steig, 
Gavin Schmidt, 
Mike Mann, 
Rasmus Benestad, 
Ray Bradley, 
Ray Pierrehumbert, 
Stefan Rahmstorf

& all realclimate contributors

We Salute You and Thank You

Okay, enough speeches, let's blow out the candles:

Now go over to realclimate.org and tell them congrats and thank you - here and here.


  1. My hat is off to all the writers and (reasoned) posters at RealClimate. It's sad that science denialism and opposition is such that this resource was required in the first place, but it's a beacon of hope that some small amount of difference in helping minimise the damage to climate may occur, as a result of RS's presence.

    Kudos to all at RealScience.

  2. Science is heroic.

    Scientists who advocate on behalf of our children and grand children are heroes and it comes at no small cost to their health, happiness and work.

    Heroic scientists do not entertain dilettantes and malicious liars. They do not break bread with them and they certainly do not allow defamers to escape the costs of their malicious conduct.

    Scientists have adopted the moral responsibility to occupy the void created by gutless and negligent politicians and public servants. This activity has been antithetical to their profession but in 2014 it is now ancillary.

    I love you gals and guys. Heroes.

  3. Not just 'ancillary' but freak'n needed too ! ;- )
    Hard to thinks it's been ten years already.
    They are hero's and they are great teachers.
    (oh I'm being redundant again) : - )

    Happy Anniversary and long may you run RealClimate !


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