Friday, May 10, 2013

A Lesson for Deniosaurs: How to turn "goats eat grass" into "climate scam"

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Now goats and camels are in on the "climate scam"

Anthony Watts of WUWT has reposted an article Steve Goreham got into the Washington Times, in which Steve has managed to portray goats as perpetrators (or victims?) of his "climatism".  (It appears to be another weak attempt to publicise a climate disinformation book he put together.  He's having trouble even giving away his book for free.)

Not that you'd expect latte-sipping, city-dwelling, tree-fearing deniosaurs to know, but goats are often used by landholders to get down overgrown vegetation.  They don't always do the job, sometimes eating out the desired species and leaving the weeds.  But just as often they'll do what you want if you manage it properly.  Goats are a particularly good idea for hard to reach areas, like steep slopes.  (In Australia people are killed and injured every year from tractors and ride-on mowers rolling over on slopes.)

How to turn "goats eat grass" into "climate scam"

Steve based his 'climate scam' article on the fact that another airport is using goats for part of the year to keep down growth in hard to reach areas.  You can read the innocuous article in the Chicago Tribune.

Steve worked an angle and decided these hard-working and entirely innocent goats are part of the "climate hoax".  He used innuendo and the innate paranoia of Washington Times readers to make a buck out of a very ordinary "goats eat plants" story.  Pretty good trick if you ask me.

Camels produce methane = "climate scam"

Steve has something against camels too. His next trick was a 'story' he probably harvested from the anti-science blogging disinformation and rumour mill.  Where-ever he dug it up from, he then let his imagination run riot. He is telling Washington Times readers that "Management" companies are now flying over the outback, shooting goats and camels from helicopters, and earning carbon credits".  Not True!  Big Lie! But what reader of the Washington Times would know or care?  It makes a good yarn.

From the ABC last January (my bold):

A plan to cull hundreds of thousands of camels from the deserts of central Australia in exchange for carbon credits has been knocked back by the Federal Government.
It is estimated that there are more than a million feral camels in the Red Centre and surrounds, and each animal emits about a tonne of methane gas each year.  
Private company Northwest Carbon wanted to cull and sell the camels in exchange for credits under the Commonwealth's carbon farming initiative.  Read more here.

Just another nutter

The real question is: Is Steve Goreham one of the 8% Dismissives or does he consider himself a Scum-Bucket Authority Figure of Dismissives?  Whatever - looks like "just another nutter" to me.

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