Wednesday, August 5, 2020


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I woke up this morning to find that something has changed at Google and broke this blog.

I've reverted it to a standard theme so you'll find some things missing (like the menu).

It might be a while before I work this out, along with working out where to take blogging from here on in.

Till then, take care of yourself.


As you can see, I've found out what Google broke. It was probably unintentional. In any case, I was able to use a workaround and get the blog back to normal.

Sou - 7 August 3:03 pm AEST


  1. It's very good to hear from you Sou. Take your time.

  2. It's good to hear from you, too, jrkrideau.

    I haven't given up on blogging (or climate), just taking an extended break. I'll wait until the noise and clamour settles down a bit more before getting back to writing.

  3. Please do whatever you want Sou.
    I do miss your snarky humour and evisceration of the nutbars .
    Stay safe.

  4. Wordpress is good. Should be possible to backup all content from Blogger and upload it to Wordpress. Images are harder to move.

  5. I don't miss blogging much (my own that is), and keep checking in here to see if you're still with us!

    I'm sure the noise and clamour will be around for a long time yet - it's STILL rapidly heading downhill here in Amerika.

    About your blog: Blogger is ok, but keep in mind that they "own" the entire site and can do whatever they want with it, when they want - including locking you out (blog owner) if they so choose, changing themes and so on. Even the posts written by you are not your own. Blogger has closed several sites I set up - just as a fair warning if you intend to keep your blog for a long time.

    For this reason, I hosted my own Wordpress site long ago on my own domain. You keep control over everything, even the comments, nobody can mess with it. All kinds of free modules can be easily installed and setup to help run the blog efficiently, including comment moderation.

    These days, it's VERY easy to get instantly and permanently banned off of sites that don't like the comments received, especially on sites "corporate managed" like Blogger, Facebook, Twitter and pretty much all of the media sites.

    Apparently, some Hannity-loving idiots complained about my last Twitter post requesting that this lying dirt-bag be fired and now, I'm permanently banned. At least it was for something worthwhile.

    These sites are actively ensuring only certain kinds of comments can be seen, which makes the interactive part of these sites with other readers rather useless. The problem is it's pretty ham-fisted and capricious, the site owner is not the one censoring comments, it's usually some corporate censor-idiot (another reason to actually have a private blog). Just a thought.

    Glad to see your still with us! So far, we've survived the pandemic, but for how long is anybody's guess. And the climate is still going to hell, but everyone is badly distracted.

    But most importantly - we've now got oodles of first-hand evidence that almost nobody cares anyway. Ridiculous "freedumbz" claims and the refusal to wear a mask in the middle of a global pandemic is just too much to expect, even if it kills the deniers. The climate concern isn't going to fare any better (watch and see, already happening).

    The species is truly stupid. ~Survival Acres~

  6. Hi Grif, Kaj and Survival Acres. Nice to hear from you all.

    Good tip about Wordpress. I've tinkered with it in the past. Only stuck with Google because it was easy and because it seemed more secure. Also, it may not be possible to move this blog to WordPress - I've never successfully downloaded all the articles and comments despite numerous tries. If I go to Wordpress I'll probably make a clean move and leave this blog here for posterity:)

    We're fortunate in my part of the world, too. No cases of the virus in my local shire so far (well, one - but they weren't here at the time). In Victoria overall we've not fared so well. Melbourne is now in a fairly hard lockdown. (Up this part of the state we're in a slightly less extreme lockdown, compulsory masks, no visitors etc.)

    Melbourne has had a big outbreak started by an overseas returnee supposed to be in quarantine - after a short period with no local cases. We'll get through it albeit with some lifestyle changes (not all of which will be bad).

    Take care.

  7. Yeah, I've noticed that Blogger has rejigged EVERYTHING. So infuriating. And the things I would like them to change (like the clumsy way one has to add special characters), they've kept!!!

    1. Hi NPT. I was wondering if it was just this blog. I won't say I'm glad it's not, but it is good to know it's not just affecting HW.

      I knew it wasn't a browser issue because the site showed as broken on different browsers. It'll take me a while to work out what I need to change to fix it. Not something I'm going to get around to in the next few days.

  8. Remove this if this doesn't fit:


    ~Survival Acres~

  9. Oh boy, more bad news:

    Study suggests heat waves of the future could kill millions


    I strongly suspect that their figures are far too low, because heat waves do more then just affect human biology. Critical failures will also occur in food production, energy production and so on, resulting in more deaths.

    ~Survival Acres~

  10. As you can see, I've been able to fix the blog. Probably still a good time to think about a refresh. It'll do for the time being.

    That video is great, SA :) The news about heat waves not so much.

  11. "... get the blog back to normal."

    It must be a new normal. :)

  12. Yeay I agree with you and David Appell this new system sucks. i have until mid September until I have to use it.

    Pure arrogance on google's part

  13. "A bit rich: Business groups want urgent climate action after resisting it for 30 years"

    Nothing like this here in Canada, so far.

  14. Trump drops David Legates into a top position at NOAA - its "deputy assistant secretary of commerce for observation and prediction." During the worst climate fires ever recorded on the US's west coast.


    (And mourn, and despair...)

  15. By way of FYI, Malcolm Roberts shamed the Australian Senate with his comments on 7 October 2020. I didn't catch the ones earlier in the day, but I did hear the risible stuff head said from 7:30 pm - see pp99-100 in the Hansard:


  16. In case anyone's still back in yesterday (and the century before...), the destruction of the late-departed Holocene biosphere has been cast in stone. It's not now a matter of whether things will get nasty, or whether they'll become life-threateningly serious, but only a matter of whether we'll do anything at all about it before any last hope of feasible save-the-photographs action disappears into history along with a sizable chunk of our biodiversity and culture.



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