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Seriously deluded: wacky conspiracy theories at WUWT with more ozone hole denial

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Denier blogs are in the doldrums and have been for quite some time. I wrote about Judith Curry, who actively agitates for no mitigation of global warming, complaining about scientists warning US Congress about the dangers of climate change. Seriously! Is that all she's got?

Jo Nova has been focused on politics. She likes One Nation's climate conspiracy theories and in one article she urged her readers to vote for a Senate candidate from an ultra-conservative populist party that stands on climate science denial, homophobia, islamophobia, and against almost all the values that decent Australians cherish. That is the Christian Democrat Party, which is the creature of Fred Nile. Joanne is a proud deluded conservative (DelCon) who regards centrist conservatives as socialist. She paints everyone to the left of Ghengis Kahn as subversive commies.

Anthony Watts has been posting a lot of political articles too. He hasn't been around much except to put up some very silly articles from his band of freeby contributors. His latest contribution is another wacky article by one of his favourite uber-conspiracy theorists Timothy Ball (archived here).

Tim Ball (and by default Anthony Watts) rejects the science that shows the Arctic ice melt is declining rapidly. When Tim claims that the Arctic sea ice behaviour is "natural", it's his way of saying that he rejects human-caused global warming. (Tim is also a greenhouse effect denier and author of the SkyDragon slayer book.) This is what has been happening to sea ice in the Arctic since 1953.

Figure 1 | Annual average Arctic sea ice extent from 1953 to 2015. Data updated from Meiers et al 2012

As you can see, Timothy Ball and Anthony Watts are only interested in spreading lies about what is happening with climate change, and to make it worse, Tim wrote:
It is another example of alarmists and uninformed media reporting a natural situation as unnatural. It is a lie of omission because they only presented facts that suited their story, but lying and deception are now standard and condoned practice for some people. Apparently for them the end justifies the means.

After a string of conspiratorial fibs about science and scientists, Timothy moved on to lies about the hole in the ozone layer. Anthony Watts is an ozone hole denier as well as a climate science denier. He has published numerous articles denying the ozone hole and its causes. Anthony Watts and his mob at WUWT can only be described as utter nutters of the illiterati kind. Tim misrepresented a recent report that the ozone hole is, maybe, just starting to show the first signs of recovery as being "almost back to “normal” ". 

Tim lays out his conspiracy theory, which is the same old anti-semitic New World Order conspiracy theory dressed up as ozone hole and climate science denial. The more he talks about deceit and lying, the more you see that's all he and Anthony Watts have got left.

Anthony Watts and Judith Curry and Jo Nova can lash out at science and scientists and renewable energy all they want. They are too late. The weather around the world hasn't been kind to these climate science disinformers. Record heat, simultaneous disastrous floods all over the world, drought, wildfire, and more.

And yet, you still get WUWT promoting ice age cometh articles and wacky conspiracy theories. These people are seriously deluded.

From the WUWT comments

The uber-conspiracy theorists go for it hell for leather. They just love a nefarious plot and can't help themselves. Have you ever come across a sorrier lot of dimwits?

Harry Passfield
July 9, 2016 at 12:22 pm
The ‘Ozone hole’ and its ‘solution’ was a forerunner of AGW. It was a test, to see how susceptible the world population could be to control by a despotic few in the UN (etc). Not to mention how many refrigeration manufacturers cleaned up because of the need to switch to non-CFC coolants.

Ziiex Zeburz doesn't know about the science denier parties (UKIP, Republicans, One Nation)
July 9, 2016 at 11:51 am
If we only had ONE 1 “sophisticated ” politician (1 that could understand facts and figures ) 

BallBounces is a Y2k denier as well
July 9, 2016 at 12:10 pm
During the ramp-up to the year 2000, there were two voices: Y2K alarmists and moderates. The alarmists made lots of money; the moderates did not. Running a scare racket can be very lucrative. 

July 9, 2016 at 12:21 pm
Thanks to Dr. Tim Ball for another great and detailed expose of the Machiavellian processes of Global Climate manipulations by the Alarmists.

GeologyJim is a misogynist as well as a science denier. No surprises there.
July 9, 2016 at 12:50 pm (excerpt)
It’s always intrigued me that three of the biggest scientific frauds of the 20th century were committed by women who, by the way, are now lionized by leftists and progressives.

The WUWT comments are a sad indictment on the human race. I can't be bothered reading any more.


  1. Harry Passfield sez:

    ...Not to mention how many refrigeration manufacturers cleaned up because of the need to switch to non-CFC coolants.

    Sorry? "cleaned up"? In the short term at least, switching to non-CFC coolants must have *cost* the refrigeration amnufacturers more money. That's the opposite of "cleaning up", Harry. Of course, any costs to the manufacturers in the long term was probably passed right along to dim-witted consumers like Harry.

    BallBounces sez:

    During the ramp-up to the year 2000, there were two voices: Y2K alarmists and moderates.

    Because the billions of dollars spent by companies in the run-up to the year 2000 to keep planes in the sky and avert the malfunctioning of things like bank vault doors was, of course, totally unnecessary.

    All those IT executives were just hide-under-the-bed scaredy cats, like your average WTFUWT denizen. These people are seemingly *collectively* dumber than a bag of hammers.

  2. Connedspiracy theory enjoys a large following and always has.

    It's easier for the human mind to engage in distraction and fear then to accept reality. The latest news from Arctic News is sobering, as is ANY climate related news, but this reality isn't getting through to the fear-mongering crowd of connedspiracy theorists. It probably never will as their lives fall apart from climate shock and disruptions either, there will always be somebody else to blame, anything other then accept any responsibility that they've been dead wrong about this topic for years.

    This is why I rejected this entire crowd, they do not have their priorities straight, nor do they understand the difference between conjecture and facts. An endless stream of woven assumptions has created a web of entanglement around their small minds making them incapable of untangling fictions from facts.

    And don't forget, there is always a black widow in their story line too.

    Any good fictions weaves a captivating story, but the real story is the reality happening outside right now and why. Acceptance of this factual reality also imposes and even demands personal responsibility and culpability, key characteristics that is often missing among the connedspiracy deluded.

    We can make fun of them, but unless they truly develop the desire to know truth versus belief, they will not disengage from their connedspiracies and will only imagine more.

  3. Heh, the comments includes J. Philip Peterson July 9, 2016 at 5:15 pm who apparently lives in a parallel world where the use of DDT for malaria control has been banned.

    1. There's a load of DDT revisionists who can compete with the whackiest of conspiracy theorists. One of their favourite targets is the late Rachel Carson (Silent Spring), blaming her for deaths of millions from malaria when DDT was "banned". That it wasn't banned, is still in use, was becoming less efficient due to over-spraying and mosquito resistant is ignored---her book and work got DDT banned, therefore she's bad. The misogyny thrown in with their rants is basically what you'd expect, and enough to make you wonder if the human race is really worth it.

  4. Good one. But Millicent, look at the post just underneath that one for a true gem:

    Meanwhile I sit here desperately trying to get my house in S.W. Florida cooler than 80℉. What should have been a fairly easy and cheap AC repair has become a living nightmare because of the forced change in coolants and the acceptance of lying that Dr Ball talks about.

    Please remind me... how many years after the Montreal Protocol are we at now?

    Meanwhile, we here in jolly ol' Ireland would be delighted if the temps ever *got* to 80 deg F lately. Not bloody likely with the North Atlantic cold blob (hint for the WTFUWT clueless: melting Greenland has consequences) messing with the Gulf Stream.

    1. We've had a hot and dry summer in Montreal, but the Charlevoix region just five hours drive away has been the opposite -- it was 12 degrees out last night! -- and it's been drizzly all summer. Their major industries being tourism and agriculture, it's been a tough year so far.

  5. " It is a lie of omission because they only presented facts that suited their story, but lying and deception are now standard and condoned practice for some people. Apparently for them the end justifies the means."

    Has Dr. Lewandowsky done any work looking at projection in deniers and conspiracy theorists? From Trump to the latest turnip brain who figured out how to mash his knuckles on a keyboard for a blog you can be sure they will accuse others of doing exactly what they've done in spades.

  6. At a certain point, after some broad, vaguely defined transitional region, extreme political and scientific quackery has to pass into the realm of mental illness, in whatever form a qualified person might diagnose that ugly mix of fear, paranoia and delusion.

    I'm increasingly of the opinion that Tim Ball shuffled past that point years ago, and that WUWT is a magnet to those in similar straits.

  7. Doldrums because they won.
    Coral, check.
    Kelp, check.
    Mangroves, check.
    Land forests, check.
    Keeling curve, perfect check.

    I will feed on climate revisionists when we're going to put the next check: us.


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