Sunday, March 3, 2013

Has Anthony Watts Become a Leftist-Warmist?

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Has Anthony Watts* done an about face?  Is he now advocating for regulations to cut emissions of waste CO2?

Judge for yourself.  Anthony has put up an article in which he mocks the right wing fear campaign against environmental regulations and the global cooling 'scare', that some newspapers in the USA were engaged in during the 1970s.

1. Anthony Watts mocks anti-regulation rant from the 1970s

Right up the top of the article, Anthony Watts has posted an old clipping from the early 1970s.  The clipping illustrates the extremist right wing 'fear campaign' against the environmental regulations (Eg President Nixon's Clean Air Act), which were introduced back then to control smog and other pollutants that were becoming a huge problem in the industrialised world.  It includes fear-mongering statements like this:
pollution, or the effort to control it, could be fatal to our concept of a free society
and he even highlighted this bit:
"We will be forced to sacrifice democracy by the laws that will protect us from further pollution."
Watts says the article "reads almost like some of the manifestos we get from warmists today", but that was probably a typo.  More accurately, it "reads almost like some of the manifestos we get from right wing shock jocks today".

It's extreme right wingers who are scared stiff of regulation.  These people are mostly deniers (it's the reason many people deny reality), but may include some 'warmists'.

Watts himself has said the reason he backed off from viewing global warming as a threat was because he feared that policies to address the problem might involve a rise in taxation.  (See about 58 seconds into this video interview.)

2. Anthony Watts mocks 'global cooling scare'

In his article, Anthony included a list of US newspapers (courtesy poptech) that speculated about global cooling back in the early 1970s during a couple of long snowy winters in the USA.  Watts is mocking them.

Logical conclusion?

One can only conclude that:
  • Anthony Watts now fully accepts the popular press was way out in the 1970s and that, as we know now, the world is warming dangerously.
  • Anthony no longer fears regulation designed to reduce CO2 emissions, (agreeing that the environmental regulations of the 1970s weren't 'fatal to our concept of a free society' and definitely preferable to suffering a perpetual asian-style smog).

Will Watts stop posting articles speculating that the world is about to enter an ice age?

Will he now start strongly advocating for regulations to cut CO2 emissions?

(Will he talk to his his dog and ask Kenji what the science says?)

Time will tell.

* Anthony Watts is blogger and a (former?) denialist of global warming.

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