Thursday, October 16, 2014

Cabot Institute talks: Michael Mann - The Hockey Stick and the climate wars and John Cook

I promised to let people know when Michael Mann's video was published, and here it is. Thanks to Katy D and Jammy Dodger for the alert.

Click in the bottom right hand corner to view full screen or on YouTube.

John Cook at Bristol

You can see John Cook's lecture here on YouTube. (It doesn't permit embedding here).


  1. Thanks Sou, shows quite how wrong Watts' crass descriptions of the slides were, confirms that the 'empty' seats were not empty but reserved (0:12), and reminds me of what a brilliant lecture it was. He's an impressive speaker. Good shot of the front row at 30:11.

  2. I shouldn't be surprised, but, as KatyD comments, Watts simply lied. That looked like a pretty packed audience to me.

  3. So where's the dramatic bit at the end where the camera swings wrong to focus on a noble Anthony Watts who proceeds to ask a stinging series of questions that reduces Professor Mann to a blubbering mass? That was what the Wutters stumped up the money for him to do wasn't it?

    1. They are chu/imps screaming for blood from a safe distance. Darwin was wrong they still walk amongst us.
      The forces unleashed against Michael Mann are both terrifying and informative.
      If I was him I would have called them far worse than he did. Not only are these morons bottom feeders but they are also mouth breathers.

      John Cook was as brilliant as ever. I just cannot believe he believes in sky fairies


  4. Thanks muchly for the vid link, Sou. Michael Mann is my hero!

  5. Its a very good lay person level talk probably because of a diverse audience. Or maybe it was being pitched at that level so that a certain person in the front row would understand it? I wonder how many of the WUWters will see it?

  6. In the Michael Mann video, was that Anthony Watts the camera lingered on when Dr Mann made some remarks about his critics? Perhaps it was my imagination.


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