Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Denierism of the week: What is increasing the overall cooling rate? Global warming, of course!

Seen at WUWT today, in comments under an article by Bob Tisdale. He was writing about August sea surface temperatures reaching an all time monthly high, for any month in the record (archived here).

A C Osborn  September 1, 2014 at 6:46 am (excerpt)
...this warmth in the sea surface will not take long to disappear in to space, thus increasing the overall cooling rate....

Credit: Plognark

.Bonus quote just seen from pochas  September 1, 2014 at 8:41 am
Is this how a glaciation gets started?


  1. The depth of ignorance I saw by looking at the archived drivel was only surpassed by the comments underneath. Are these people for real?

    We are dealing with morons with wilful Dunning-Kruger and proud of it.


  2. I saw something like this a couple of months ago when the possibility of a strong El Nino was being discussed. The talking point was El Ninos "cool" the earth. I wonder if certain parties were getting ready just in case we did get a strong El Nino.

    I am pretty sure a El Nino does not cool the earth, it will warm surface temperatures by redistributing heat from the ocean to the atmosphere.

    1. Why not? El Niño leading to relative increased surface temperatures. When (I am not sure if they do) these lead to increased top of the atmosphere temperatures more energy will be lost to space (at least compared to a La Niña where the effect should be reversed).

    2. True, the rate of heat loss will be greater. This is the irony of the mythical Pause : a cool surface radiates less heat so more is retained (away from the surface). Of course the rate falls off with the temperature gradient (Newton's Law) so it can't 'overshoot' and trigger some kind of cooling.

      In the final analysis, be it La Nina or El Nino we're still accumulating heat all the time. Record global SST's without even an El Nino? Oops.

    3. I think you can see the NOAA surface temp record shows the temps regressed to the mean after the 1998 El Nino spike came and went - no cooling visible.

      The loss might be greater ie higher temps, but that will only balance out the period of time the temps were lower when the heat was accumulating in the oceans.


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