Sunday, September 14, 2014

Denier weirdness: Anthony Watts finds a fake UN video. It's a conspiracy!

Anthony Watts found a fake forecast video. Not just any fake forecast video, but a fake forecast video that he says was "sponsored by the World Meteorological Organisation (part of the UN)"

Did he prove it by showing the actual event in reality? Nope. He couldn't.

So how does he know it's fake? Did he quiz the people in the video? Nope. At least not that he said.

So how does he know it's fake? Did he just assume it was fake because the United Nations had a hand in it? Well, maybe that was what got him thinking. After all, as every genuine paranoid conspiracy theorist knows, the UN is out to strip good honest US bloggers of their property, send them off to FEMA camps and hand the property over to poor people living on islands that are sinking.

Now Anthony Watts is a very smart cookie. He knows when something is real and something isn't. He watched the video and said to himself "something is wrong here". He thought a bit more and watched it again. Something was niggling him. He watched it one more time and finally twigged.

Anthony slapped his forehead and cried aloud. "I know what it is. I know. I know. And I can't wait to boast how clever I am at spotting a fake video."

He went to his blog and he wrote about how he cleverly spotted the trick. He was sure it fooled a lot of people. He wrote:
Here is the fake forecast video, sponsored by the World Meteorological Organization (part of the U.N.):

Can you guess how Anthony Watts knew the video was "fake"?

Betcha can't!

If you want to keep up to date with fake videos, subscribe to the WMOVideoMaster YouTube channel :)

PS Anthony has a theory for why the Weather Channel is down in the ratings compared to three years ago. Is it because of the Internet? Oh. No. Not on your life. Anthony's got it sussed. He wrote:
The Weather Channel is losing viewers to global warming and other pointless programming

Viewers are too busy watching global warming to watch the Weather Channel. Who'd have thought.


  1. If it makes Watts feel better they could always add a 1 minute segment at the end where a climate change denier says its all just natural variation and that global warming has paused since the last El Nino in 2038. Because you should always include some numpty just for 'balance'.

    1. Not a bad idea, Millicent.

      His latest blurb is about the ice age that Bob Carter says is comething. (Anthony's getting slow in his old age.) So maybe he'd be even happier if the last minute was devoted to David "rocket scientist" Evans saying Force X has been delayed by thirty five years, but by 2050 temps will have dropped 2 degrees Celsius, and could even drop as low as it was way back in 2010.

  2. Maybe the heat is getting to north California resident Anthony Watts?

    Anthony's region just posted its warmest Jan-Aug period on record (since 1895):

    Expect this story to feature at WUWT any day soon...

  3. I don't get it. I followed the link, and I saw a real video. The usual videos we see use cheap footage of scientists who haven't prepared their remarks, cut together with simple transitions. This video, on the other hand, has actors, a script, and B-movie production quality.

  4. My guess would be that the video is fake because of the reference to solar farms on the bottom of dried out lakes. The WMO does not have so much sense of humour.

    Calling the WMO a part of the UN may be formally true, but does not have much meaning in practise, as far as I know.

  5. He's not saying the videos are fake. He's saying the forecasts are fake. Struth what a dill.

    1. Struth, anonymous coward, you're a Poe? You could always try reading the OP - and then find a grown-up to explain 'irony' to you...

    2. Real videos, fake forecasts? [slaps head]

      Oh, my. I am such a dunce. The videos are real, everyone. They are not faked. These things have all actually happened, according to anonymous. It's just that they haven't happened in the future. Or so the prescient Anonymous tells us.

      And here was I thinking that when Anthony wrote "fake forecast video" he meant, ummm, fake videos of real forecasts, or real videos of fake weather or faked forecasts of real videos - err, or something like that.

      Anon gets the donkey prize :(

    3. oh that its been explained to you, you always understood it.

    4. Anonymous tries, but fails to recover from his dumb comment. I wonder if all deniers have a busted irony meter.

      He'd be a hoot at parties. After someone's explained for the third time the punchline to a joke he hasn't understood, he'd sulk and mutter "I knew that", when it was obvious to everyone that he still didn't get it.

    5. Its a real video? I thought I had imagined it.

    6. Hang on, can we do this again for the slow ones?

      Sou told us that it was a fake video, in the sense that it wasn't actually a weather forecast broadcast in 2050.

      Now anonymous comes along and tells us that the video is real and its the forecast that's fake. We got hold of a recording that won't be made for 36 years (because...quantum!), and misfortunately it just happens to be a spoof weather forecast!

      Of course, logically, anonymous can only know that the video is real but the forecast fake because she/he comes from even further forward in time than the video! I love people who come from the future to tell us stuff! Do they have flying cars in your timeline, Anon?

      Or is my logic astray? I'm still a bit confused about the whole black and white to colour thing, so its quite possible...

  6. I would love to send this video out to my friend whose daughter gave birth yesterday to his first grandchild, and to my sister, whose daughter has three children under 10 years of age. But I don't want them to hate me.

    Seriously, I think this kind of video is great because it makes climate change real for those who ignore it on a daily basis. Wouldn't it be great if the networks ran this as a public service advertisement around the anniversary of Super Storm Sandy?


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