Wednesday, March 20, 2013


There are some interesting searches that lead people to HotWhopper.  I can't (and nor would want to) track individuals (or see IP addresses) of anyone who lands here or makes a comment, but I can see some of the search terms.

Today there was someone looking for "communism socialism and climate change" and I guess they found this post.

There have also been a couple of searches for: "anthony watts" -cowboys.  Must be more than one cowboy out there called Anthony Watts :)

Wondering if I should be offended that someone else landed here when searching for "bleeding whopper".


  1. Ha ha. "communism socialism and climate change"
    That sums the political paranoia up. I typed it into google and the first website is called commieblaster. LOL.

    Sounds like one of our friends at Hotwhopper hey MobyT.

    Was there are search on "19th century lysenkoism and the foundings of the climate change conspiracy"?

    Good work

    1. Lol - yes indeed.

      Would I be right in thinking HC S&M club has toned down a bit since there was a flood of visitors from there to here a few weeks back? (I haven't popped in much lately.)

      The resident troll isn't trolling quite as much.

      There are still a few who seem to be looking to get attention here, but they aren't doing a very good job of it. Too much dull and mundane whining of the type 'carbon tax proves climate science is a hoax' or 'the 98% of scientists who don't agree with me are delusional'. (The Cape Grim thread was probably the best of the bunch).

      HC might liven up again this SH winter (NH summer), depending on what happens with the ice cover in the Arctic. And I expect more carbon tax nonsense as the federal election draws closer.

    2. I was wrong! HC is as bad as ever and the denier rabble are as repugnant as ever. Nothing worth a separate post though. The S&M club is now mostly flaming, name-calling, political rubbish and similar low content. It's now pretty well a science-free zone.

      Hanrahan (one of the resident trolls), who pretends to be a 'salt of the earth' 'rough diamond' is singing songs of praise for uber-conspiracy theorists Monckton and Nova. Moondoong, who is an AIDS and climate science denier, doesn't like the word 'denier' because he connects it with Holocaust denial.

      HotCopper deniers aren't afraid to show their revolting ethnocentrism, 'welcoming' a poster from France by insulting him and all French people multiple times. (On HotCopper, flaming is encouraged provided you are a redneck extremist.)

      The mods have got rid of another 'nasty liberal', this one had a 'red heart' meaning one of the most popular posters of all time, needless to say based not on his liberal/centrist thinking but on his share trading posts. (Apparently all but one moderator wanted to ban him completely not just give him a long suspension, but he has left anyway).

    3. Yeh nothing has changed on HC unfortunately MobyT. They're still pigs. I try to avoid it as it just angers me. Most of the intelligent posters with supporting evidence move on quick enough when they realise what a cesspool they've stumbled on.

  2. I take great delight in typing into Google "anthony watts moron" or "anthony watts idiot" and other similar things. Childish I know, but I'm aware that he will be able to see which search terms bring people to his site.

  3. Guilty as charged. I can't repeat here what I type but it goes something like "Andrew Bolt is a ....." so I hope he sees it. I did find a good site about his lies but I'm not sure it is maintained anymore.

  4. Rachel and Cliff - now why didn't I think of that :)

    Anon - yeah. You've got to wonder at all the energy deniers put into denying. If only they put in one tenth as much effort into understanding science...


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