Sunday, March 31, 2013

More denier weirdness for light relief

You don't have to go further than WUWT for denier weirdness:

From Nik Marshall-Blank: The arctic melted more in the Little Ice Age...
I read so many alarmist stories about the arctic melting etc. When the arctic melts more than normal it seems to be because of a -ve arctic oscillation. The arctic also appeared to have melted more in the LIA.

From @njsnowfan: Man-made static is distorting the data...and more gems...
I feel we are already in a Mini Ice that started in 2008. Man made static is distorting the data and Man made BTU Heat emmisions is keeping flat temps.

From Tallbloke:'s the sun stupid...
But doesn’t mention the adjustments Anthony has covered or that big yellow nuclear furnace up in the sky…

This "NASA faked the moon landing" from Andor (Poe?) was just a bit too much for Anthony Watts:
And while Europe and North America has deep winter, coldest since 18h00′s..hellooo does this ring a bell?…. now and will continue into April….it has to be global warming? The same idiots believing they landed on the moon are the same believing in AGW.
Go talk to Lewandowsky, your rants have no place here. – Anthony
From Chad Wozniak: Temperature has been dropping for 80 years...
Also, the FACT is that not only are 1998-2013 temps lower than 1980-1998, but 1980-1998 were considerably lower than the 1930s. The downward trend extends back 80 years, not 15 or 16 or 20.
Maybe Chad is suffering from upside down vision, seeing this:

Instead of this:


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