Saturday, March 16, 2013

A short note on stolen emails

The remaining 220,000? stolen emails from CRU have been made available to various disinformation merchants, including Anthony Watts.

Mainstream media ignores it completely.

In the same spirit as Stoat, here is a summary. So far, after more than three days of collective 'digging' by the anti-science propagandists:

  • Watts apparently endorses Delingpole's view that to care about natural world equates to being misanthropic.
  • Dr Wigley tried out "Web of Knowledge" for citations.
  • Watts finds out that scientists have been aware for some time that there are people (like Watts) who deny facts.
  • Scientists object when journalists peddle disinformation about their field of scientific research and provide journalists with the correct information.
  • Professor Mann says including all CMIP3 model runs cannot be considered 'deceitful' (and Anthony Watts is not always good at peddling disinformation.  He is unable to deceive all 'skeptics' when he cherry picks words from the email to try to imply that Mann said something different).
  • Dr Briffa finds that global warming may have affected tree growth, making dendrochronology less reliable when applied to the most recent decades.
  • The fake skeptics are getting restless, "Still waiting for some actual damning info or at least something that will be a game changer … will this ever happen?".  And since the disinformation merchants are unable to find anything that's not consistent with the science, they call for the release of personal emails: "Let crowd sourcing the work while it is meaningful. If there is personal information in the emails, they should have known better."  Watts says, No. (Giving the reason that FOIA said not to, not any other reason like Watts himself wouldn't want to).
  • Scanning the hundreds of comments, fake skeptics mostly agree that the fact that scientists use email to informally communicate with their colleagues is "proof" enough that "climate science is a hoax".


  1. Looking forward to reading Pat Michaels' and that nincompoop Wegman's e-mails one day....

  2. Are you not ashamed by the stupidity of your bullshit?


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